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Graphistudio sample SALE

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!!! We just wanted to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the Graphistudio webinar yesterday. We LOVE educating and inspiring boudoir photographers, so thank you again, Graphistudio, for inviting us to be a part of such an amazing community. I did forget to mention something in the webinar yesterday, though… Graphistudio is currently offering an awesome discount on all of your sample books. (Click here for more info). If you haven’t yet decided on an album company to showcase your beautiful boudoir work, we highly recommend Graphistudio. Last year we had the opportunity to visit the Graphistudio headquarters in Italy. We were able to meet members of the team in Italy, walk through the showroom and factory areas, and we actually saw the Graphistudio team making their gorgeous books… watching a woman HAND-craft the cover of a beautiful leather book… it was just such a cool experience! If you aren’t currently working with Graphistudio, why not fill out the info form and get started with creating your own sample today!

We also want to encourage you to have updated sample books to show off to your clients & potential clients. If you don’t have a sample for your clients to hold in their hands, you aren’t going to sell. You need to have a tangible, physical book to hand over. We’re gearing up for bridal fair season with boudoir, too – we want our clients to have the BEST books out there, and so we are going to be promoting our Graphistudio books this year a lot more with our gorgeous boudoir gals. I (Kimberlee) am in the midst of designing a new studio sample that we’re going to order from Graphistudio, using this awesome discount. We’re going to use these images from our beautiful client, Miss Angelique…

We will be sure to post photos once we receive our sample album here at the studio. Can’t wait to show it off to YOU – and to our clients! xoxo, The Divas

And if you’re interested in finding out more about Graphistudio, check out this video:

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