The Marketing Vault


We are in LOVE with marketing! We really feel that it is the marketing that we have done over the years that has really pushed our boudoir studio, The Boudoir Divas, to a level we could never have imagined! Because we are so passionate about marketing, we have talked for YEARS about wanting to put together a complete list of marketing recommendations and ideas. We’ve done some short webinars and written blog posts here and there, but it always felt a little incomplete. Until now. This e-book is a COMPLETE collection of absolutely everything that we love about boudoir marketing.

  • Instant Download!
  • 128-page ebook in a PDF format
  • Prioritized Marketing Checklist
  • You cannot resell, share, or distribute this marketing ebook.

Because we packed SO much into this ebook, we had to approach this as more of an ‘inspiration’ book. Therefore, you won’t be able see all of the small details in some of our marketing & advertising examples, or read all the fine print. We didn’t want to leave anything out, so we included absolutely everything we could put in this book and used smaller photos or screenshots for easy reference and visual inspiration.

We think the most important content of this book is our “Prioritized Checklist” at the beginning of the book. This gives you the top things (in order or priority) that we think are the most important for you to focus on first. If we were to start our business all over again today, these are the things we would focus on. Our hope is that this book will give you a good starting point to go out there, MSH, and market your amazing boudoir business to get the clients you want!

Like we mentioned above, we have tried everything we could think of when it comes to getting people to hear about our brand. If you are feeling ‘stuck’ with your marketing, or feel like nothing you’re trying is working, we hope to give you inspiration and excitement to try something new with your marketing. So what are you waiting for?