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Posebook Part Deux


The Boudoir Divas’ second book for boudoir posing holds over 100 pages of beautiful poses to inspire you and give you PRACTICAL tips on how to pose your boudoir clients. The focus of this book is on posing with a couch (or chair), and posing with a bed. This is not a replacement for the original Posebook – but rather, a NEW book with tons of new poses and tips for the boudoir photographer looking to add some new poses to their repertoire. (The original Posebook is still something that The Boudoir Divas refer to on a regular basis at the Boudoir Divas’ studio – and it’s still a must-have for the professional boudoir photographer).


Author: Liberty Edwards
“Open your mouth and just breathe,” I told a woman as I coached her through her boudoir shoot. That is something I used to say in my own head while frantically trying to get the best shots. Of course that was before I found Marissa and Kimberlee, The Boudoir Divas, and all of their wonderful information. Rewind two years ago. I was shooting so many weddings and portraits that I was missing my daughter growing up and was questioning if the passion was still there to sustain the business. As I was surfing the PPA website (Professiontal Photographers of America) I noticed an expired Boudoir Divas seminar. Though I had missed the class I clicked on their website and was immediately in love with their style and what they were shooting. I thought, “ I want to shoot boudoir!” After all, it was the bridal portraits and fashion shoots I had the most fun doing! Armed with my camera and a few pose ideas I headed to my best friends house to try out my skills. WOW! It was much harder that I thought. While she was my friend and we could laugh at all the posing mishaps and bad angles, I knew that if I was going to transition from portraits to serious boudoir photographer, I needed my clients to trust me 100%. I went straight home and purchased everything I could from the Boudoir Divas’ shop, including the original Posebook. I tried all the poses and am not afraid to say I took that book with me to every shoot. Eventually I had their tips memorized and was confident enough to try some of my own ideas! Fast forward to today and I have had the pleasure of reading the Posebook Part Deux. Not only does this book build on the principles of the first book (including more tips on how to get an amazing arch!) but it also shows ALL NEW poses and many was to use them in different situations and set-ups. It guides you through the importance of setting up the perfect pose and then moving yourself around your client to switch angles and variations. It helps us to work smarter by perfecting the shot as we shoot it so we don’t have to “Photoshop that out later”. Marissa and Kimberlee are known as the Boudoir Divas for a reason, and they love to teach and share every part of their success. Because of their Posebook, I went from unsure boudoir photographer to confidently shooting 20 sessions last month alone and making albums for 75% of those sessions! I can say without hesitation after reading their books and meeting them in person at their workshop, the Boudoir Divas have not just helped me shoot better boudoir photography, but they have helped me grow into a better boudoir photographer. And hey, isn’t that what we all want?“

Author: Claire Dobson
“I have always been drawn to boudoir photography but was afraid to start. I had seen so many other photographers do such a bad job. Making women look like objects as opposed to celebrating their body and femininity. As a strong female myself I had no idea why women would want to be documented or remember this way. That is why I wanted to learn how to photograph boudoir the right way form start to finish, and also market boudoir the right way as well. The boudoir divas have done such an amazing job and photographing women in a classy and timeless way but also marketing them selves the same way. After going to their workshop in San Diego I came home with so much inspiration and confidence not only with my shooting but with my business and marketing skills. I would never have guessed my business would be where it is now in just 6 short months.  A few days before I opened my studio I was so scared and nervous. I have never shot (other then in the Diva’s workshop) in a studio type setting and I had no idea what I was doing. I tried to think up what I would do with clients on my own. However, the more I tried the more of a mental block I would put up , and my mind would just going blank. The night before my first big shoot I opened up this book and instantly felt relieved. This book is a perfect example of what great teachers The Divas are. It’s simple in depth and their are pictures. Making it so almost anyone can follow along learn something and be inspired! :)”

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