1500 Poses


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pose with confidence while eliminating overwhelm, uncertainty & “awkward moments” on your next Boudoir session?

Our 1500 Poses Boudoir reference book will be your go-to source for inspiration & ensure you’re using only the most flattering poses, all the time without running out of pose ideas! This book is a visual shot guide for models and photographers looking to expand their posing repertoire.

This is a downloadable PDF version of the ebook. Once purchase has been completed, you will receive a download link automatically. Please note that this is a shot guide with visual images – it does not have descriptions of the poses. If you’d like more coaching or help with poses (along with descriptions), we highly recommend our Posebook, Posebook Part Deux, & the Posing Workshop.


Author: Shannon
“As a follower of their blog I was aware of the level of professionalism and attention to detail they insider into all of their photos, so once I saw the link for this book I jumped on it and I have been extremely pleased with it. The pictures are beautiful and laid out in a very thoughtful and helpful way, broken down by pose. It is a good posing reference book for sure and very pleasing to flip through.”

Author: Brittney
“I chose to purchase this book because I’ve been having a hard time coming up with engaging poses. Not only did this book deliver TONS of fresh, engaging poses, it also includes poses that work for different body types. I absolutely love the inspiration this book gives!”

Author: Sarai
“I love the Boudoir Divas and I love this book. A lot of photographers are against using cheat sheets yo show your clients while doing a Boudoir Session. But remember all the poses plus trying to give my client a visual of that pies is hard sometimes until you get a basic routine down pack. This for me is VERY helpful. It is categorized by posing types and make it easy for me to go to a section to give my clients examples. Sure I can google poses and put together a collection myself, but why not put your time towards something else for your Boudoir business. This is already done and put together. Plus with authorized use to store in your collection to use for your guides. For $10 you should grab this while it’s at a great price. Thanks Boudoir Divas!

Author: Shannon
“Amazing set of photos, finally something that is useful! Certainly already has spurred ideas I’ve not yet thought of. Buy it!”

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