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Learned a TON!! I can’t even put into words how helpful this has been. Wow, just wow! This is amazing! I’m so happy that I purchased this course.” – Cali Ann Lee

boudoir divas online workshop


The online workshop kicks off with a 1-hour intro video, where you will have a chance to hear Marissa & Kimberlee share about the history of the Boudoir Divas, which spans 9 years! They will chat candidly about their early years, and about the transitions that happened to get them to where they are today. You’ll also have a chance to see their current shooting and working space in a quick studio tour. You will also hear about how the Divas created their step-by-step gameplan in order to make their dream a reality. This lesson also walks you through what they call the “Supermodel Experience ” – which is how they make their clients feel beautiful, from start to finish.

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Posing is definitely one of the most difficult aspects of a boudoir shoot, especially when you are just getting started and learning how to work with women. Marissa and Kimberlee will share their top tips for coaching their clients through a boudoir session – giving examples and then demonstrating some of those tips with an actual client. They will cover how to get flattering images of a woman, no matter what her shape and size. This is a very valuable 2 hour lesson that will give you all the tips you need to leave you with confidence to work with your clients & help them feel beautiful as you coach them through the boudoir session.

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In this 1.5 hour lesson, the Divas walk you through the various changes their business model has gone through, and why those changes were necessary. They encourage you to realize that change isn’t a bad thing – it can actually be very positive to re-adjust your business model. They’ll also share all the details of their pricing and packages, as well as give you an example of why it is so important to know your cost of goods as you create your own pricing structure. This lesson also covers the Divas’ favorite products that they offer their clients, and tells you all of their vendors for getting those products. They’ll also be sharing a few sales tips for booking the client & getting an upsell after the shoot.

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The shooting lesson is focused on lighting and working with your client to get beautiful images. This 2-hour video begins with Marissa and Kimberlee sharing tips for studio lighting, with their go-to ‘recipes’ that they have created through the years. They will then demonstrate with a client, showing how they manipulate their studio lights to flatter a woman’s body. They will also demonstrate with natural light. You’ll be able to see the Divas interact with real clients, seeing how they utilize lighting and the shoot experience to capture gorgeous images their clients love! The Divas will demonstrate with 3 clients, showing 3 distinct looks.

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Marissa and Kimberlee have always been passionate about creating a brand that captures their target audience. They’ll share the importance of brand recognition, and why they’ve chosen to use themselves as a major component of their branding and marketing. In this 1.5-hour lesson, they will share a LOT of different marketing ideas to help give you inspiration for how to get your business SEEN. It’s not enough to have an awesome business that makes women feel beautiful – you also need to be able to gather a large audience and convert them into sales.

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The Divas pride themselves on having an incredibly streamlined workflow for the post-production of their clients’ images. This 1-hour lesson will show you step-by-step how the Boudoir Divas have created a quick and efficient way to work with their images in Lightroom, and how they process all of their clients proofs immediately after the shoot. While the client is waiting for about an hour or so, their images are being prepped to show during the viewing. This quick turn-around is something that has helped increase sales, as clients are excited about viewing their images on the same day as the shoot.

GET IT: $79

It’s truly amazing that they’re willing to share their secrets, because I know as photographers sometimes we want to hold on to them and not tell anyone… I think it’s just amazing that they would do that.

Courtney Dellafiora, The Boudoir Vixen

I just really wanted to send you a long overdue message of thanks. You guys really gave me so much. You gave me the confidence to be me. I have so much more to learn – but you really taught me not to be held back by what the photography society says is 'correct.' It’s been almost a year and my business has grown in amazing ways. I’m just finishing my busiest season ever – and I’ve already booked a bunch of work for next year! Anyway – I just really wanted to say thanks.

Jennifer Rozenbaum, Jenerations Boudoir

It was amazing!! They gave me a flame on top of my fire to start shooting boudoir with their unique, tasteful and creative way. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn what I did from these ladies.

Rachelle Renee, Elle Boudoir

I loved everything about the workshop! The photo shoot and the post processing is what gave me the confidence to know that I can do this! I was really worried I would spend forever post processing but I loved how your streamlined your everything!



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