One on One Consultations

Visit our San Diego studio to learn from us!


Business, Marketing, & Shooting

8 hours of instruction


Lighting & Shooting Instruction

Learn & build your portfolio with a model


Get hands-on instruction and an individualized look at your business by either Kimberlee or Marissa in their San Diego Studio reserved just for you.

A $2250 investment, custom payment plans are available to make this more doable for you. We would love to have you join us at our studio for a full day to discuss your boudoir biz and teach you our recipes for lighting and posing!

It's been an amazing day. I can't even believe the amount of stuff that we've been able to cover today. By far, this is the best investment I've made. There's been more value in this than any other class or workshop that I've been to. When you come to learn from them, they teach you everything they know - the good, the bad, even the ugly.

Denise Birdsong, Modern Love Photography

boudoir studio


Your consultation will be held in our lovely boudoir studio. We know first hand that seeing our space in person; getting an insight into how things are set up, how systems flow, what encourages sales in our boutique, how our shooting space is configured and more will be a huge advantage for you when you leave. Let your vision for your business be inspired and ignited!


Wow that’s a lot  cover. But we are going to do it! We pride ourselves on the fact that our studio is highly profitable, but it wasn’t easy getting here. We are going to examine, or create together, a business model, marketing strategy and overall game plan that will set you up for success out of the gate. There is nothing worse than working your butt off only to discover you were spinning your wheels the whole time and are unable to cut yourself a pay check. Let’s get this right for you based on our 10+ years of knowledge.

shooting lesson boudoir


The shooting lesson is focused on lighting and working with your client to get beautiful images. Marissa or Kimberlee will share their go-to ‘recipes’ for lighting, angles and posing that they have created through the years that give their studio it’s signature look. They will then demonstrate with a model, showing how they manipulate their studio lights to flatter a woman’s body. You’ll be able to be able to shoot for your portfolio and be critiqued in the moment.


We are ALL about showing off you and your personality for branding purposes, and so for that reason we want to be sure that you leave here with images and a video that you can use for marketing purposes. The a la carte value for this service at our studio would be $$1200.

boudoir photo critique


While we know art is subjective, we also know you are coming to us to learn. So we will critique your portfolio as if you  were one of our staff photographers that we are training. Helping you with composition, more flattering angles and exposure. We will also critique your most valuable sales tool, your website, finding areas that may be holding you back.


We will send you a workbook before your consultation that will get you thinking critically about your business and act as a guide in your path of developing your specific business vision, model and strategy. A la carte value of this book is $1800.

$2250 Investment | Payment Plans Available | Fill out the form below to chat about booking with us

If you're interested in joining the Boudoir Divas at their San Diego studio for a 1-on-1 consultation, please fill out your information below and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Thank you! -K&M