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We are writing this post today to prove that when you dare to dream big… you CAN take those dreams and turn them into reality. We know, because we did it.

*To own a successful, big-time, high-volume studio; a studio that ONLY shoots boudoir – nothing else.
*We wanted to have 600+ boudoir shoots a year.
*To be booked solid 2 months in advance, with inquiries pouring in & our phones ringing off the hook.
*Shoots booked 7 days a week, with some late night, after-hour shoots.
*People flying to us from all over the US for a shoot.
*An awesome all-female team, all working together toward our goals.
*And on top of all this, we wanted to make a PROFIT, and wanted to have the freedom to pursue our other passions as well.

Who would’ve ever thought ALL of this could be possible with boudoir?

We are so stoked to have reached our BIG dream – and it feels so good to say that we are finally here. For those of you who are new to our blog, and don’t know or understand what the heck we’re talking about with our ‘big dream’ – we created a quick video to show you a visual mash up of who we are, and to give you a glimpse inside our world:


We started shooting boudoir more than 10 years ago, in a tiny one car garage, 40 minutes outside of San Diego, in a very rural town… at a time when NOBODY knew what boudoir was.
boudoir divas garage studio
And in just a few short years, we took our dreams and turned them into reality. We saw INCREDIBLE growth and success with our business, moving from the garage into beautiful huge studio space, with 20 different sets, a staff of 7, and our calendar booked solid with shoots.

We are SO blessed, and thankful that we can we came to a place where we saw our dreams come true. All of the items listed above in our “Big Dream” – became a reality.


But were we able to jump from here – to here – by just wishing and hoping and dreaming?

Hell no. We got here because of our Roadmap to Success….our A to Z plan. We KNEW what we wanted, and we knew it wasn’t just going to fall in our lap. We knew what we needed to do…. MSH (Make Shit Happen).


* Goals help us from spinning our wheels. Besides a magic genie, goals are the fastest way to get us to where we want to be.
* A roadmap is very visual, you can hang it on your wall and refer to it daily. We love the idea of printing a huge print of your roadmap so you can have the satisfaction of checking off each item with a huge sharpie, as you accomplish those things.
* The road map allows us to incorporate strategy and calculated risks into achieving our dreams.
* Planning takes away anxiety, and gives you a thought-out step-by-step process.
* It’s also so empowering to have these goals in front of you, with action steps to get to those goals…
* Each action step that you take is literally getting you one step closer to what you want.
* There is so much satisfaction in crossing things off your list!


We want you to be able to walk away from this blog post with something tangible, and a plan of action! We would be beyond GIDDY if we knew our Roadmap helped you say ‘here is my big dream, here are my 10 goals, and this is what I’m going to do to work toward them.’

We would love for you to print & fill out your OWN Roadmap to Success – so we’re giving this to you for FREE, as our gift to you. Go grab it now, and print it out: The Divas’ Roadmap to Success
boudoir divas


What do you want out of your life & your business? If you could design your dream life & business, what would it look like 1 year from now… 2 years from now? 5 years from now? Write all of this down, and then summarize it in a couple of succinct sentences. That is your big dream. Don’t hold back; this is your time to get crazy & write down your inner-most dreams that you’ve never said out loud to anyone.


This is your big dream broken down – so this is the part that will probably take the most planning and strategy. These are all of the things along the way that need to happen in order to celebrate & pop a bottle of champagne, & to know that you’ve done it.


Then next to your goals, you’ll see a place to fill out potential obstacles. In this section, we really want you to think ahead, and anticipate things that might stand in your way of meeting each of your goals. As an example – a potential obstacle could be something like cashflow. So if you anticipate that you might possibly run low on your cashflow as you’re building your business, write that down as a potential obstacle.

By writing these things down, it gives you an opportunity to start thinking about what you’ll do if they do come up. In the end, obstacles are really just stepping stones, so don’t let them get you down. They’re always going to happen, so we just try to look at obstacles as things we actually stomp on to take us to the next level.


On the back side of your sheet, there is space for you to create your plan of action. We want you to think of 3 steps that you can take to reach each of your goals. We also want you to have some accountability here, so be sure that you also include a realistic & attainable due date on each of these action steps so that you know when you’re staying on track. Schedule each of these steps, make time for them, and even block out time on your calendar to work on them. If you have to get up 5am to make time for them, then do it. In achieving your dreams nothing is ever convenient.


”The most important thing you can do to achieve your goals is to make sure that as soon as you set them, you immediately begin to create momentum.” – Tony Robbins

Success doesn’t just happen by chance, you guys. So as soon as you have a goal, start MOVING. DO something. Get out there and M.S.H.!!!

If you aren’t willing to make yourself uncomfortable to achieve your goals then they just won’t happen. We are not going to tell you to simply ‘believe in yourself’ or ‘just be who you are’ to become super successful in this industry. That would be an easy sell, but the truth is, it has taken a lot of hard work, and a lot of reworking along the way, to get to where we are today. Planning + perseverance & hard work is the only tried and true way to guarantee you will get what you want. But if it’s work that you love, then it’s a truly rewarding way to spend your time. So dare to dream – and then get out there and make those dreams become your reality.