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Does anyone read our boudoir blog any more?

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I’m guessing probably not since we never update it. He he. But today we had the urge to do just that, give whoever it is out there who may still take a peek at this boudoir blog a little update on us and our business. (Side note, I did just check our analytics and plenty of you folks do take a lookie at this blog. So hey now, we’re even more motivated to write this post).

Because of our silence on this blog, it may have seemed as though we dipped out of the photographer spotlight that we were so grateful to for so long. But it’s with good reason. After 8 years of that ‘put your head down, work your booty off’ season of your life, Kimberlee and I decided it was time to reap a little bit from what we sowed. K really reaped her harvest, pumping out two gorgeous children in two years (see evidence of that incredible feat below). Arie and Maelee are such a blessing to us, I can’t wait to get them into trouble and have lots of adventures with them & K when they are older.

And as for me (Marissa)… I meandered the globe taking in all kinds of amazing sights and sounds, one of those things that’s necessary after even the most amicable of divorces. I roamed South East Asia with a kindred spirit for a month, hit up my second home in Paris twice with Kimberlee and friends (not literally MY second house, I wish)! I lived in the bellows of a cruise ship for a few weeks with a friend hitting up every port in the Caribbean (that was actually my favorite), hiking the trails off Cinque Terre in Italy, and even doing big Yosemite Half Dome hike. And  I even did a little good, creating this video and fundraising campaign for a hero of mine.  I’ll pop the video in my ‘show and tell’ collage below. And, last but not least, and so necessary in all break ups, the cutting and dying of my hair 😉 All the while we were taking care of our studio (Kimberlee mostly remotely) and just kinda rolling with it. Still doing some pretty dang cool things photography wise if we do say so, again, evidence below.

So all that to say, you didn’t see us around, cuz, well, we were  too busy kinda living the simple(ish) life for awhile. Taking time to raise a family and be present, and travel the world, all the while so grateful to the staff at the studio who was okay with me just popping into the studio an average of about 30 hours a week at that time. Erin taking care of all the typical biz owner’s responsibilities, so much love for her.

But then something happened around January. The wind shifted, and all of a sudden here we are again. In drive mode. And once again we were all about that very hands on biz life. Myself especially, really putting every bit on my focus on the studio.

And when you focus, it pays off.  Last month our boudoir studio had one of it’s most successful months ever (if we don’t count the times we do our big annual sale – and we don’t actually count that sale in our monthly gross). In just one month, June 2016, we grossed over $31,000.

And all in that time frame of ‘aha’, we also saw some of our past boudoir workshop attendees killing it! That got us even more excited! This is one of the most rewarding parts of being educators in this industry: seeing our teachings being implemented, and turned into success stories! There are a ton of you, but a few of the most notable ones that we see out there are Jen Rosenbaum and Denise Birdsong, just doing amazing things. Then we got a few workshop testimonials that just hit us…. for instance Jenny Taylor wrote us this on Facebook: “Hi. Just wanted to stop by and say thank u for all the informational advise you have put out in the world. 7 years ago when I started you were so inspirational and still are today! I owe some of my credit to you.” I love how all of us boudoir photographers cheer each other on. It’s infectious.
boudoir business
And messages of gratitude from other photographers keep coming in, on a regular basis. And then we thought, man, we have all these resources that are still SO valuable, especially our new online workshop. We need to start telling the newer boudoir people about this stuff.

I mean after the success of last month, my goodness we REALLY want you all to know how we did it. So all that to say, please stop by our shop and see all the updated resources and then do check our newly launched, more affordable than ever Online Boudoir Workshop which we’ve broken down into pieces. Use PROMO CODE: AUGBLOG to get an additional $35 off your online workshop purchase. Expires Aug 31, 2016.

So now I welcome you to the show and tell portion of this blog post. Here our studio decided we wanted to add some flair to the back of our studio (see all our shinanigans at @theboudoirdivas …..

A recent outdoor boudoir shoot, styled with Peggy of @feathersandfox
boudoir outdoor
My gorgeous biz partner and bestie, Kimberlee, and her sweet new adventure in mamahood….
boudoir divas studio
Some of my faves from my wanderings,
marissa boucher boudoir
Meet my hero Josie, it was an immense honor to tell her story in the Philippines….

Paris photo shoots for our clients this past May 2016, email us if you wanna know when the next trip is!
We also gave away a trip to Paris and a photo shoot packages to a lucky client! Kirsitie Ennis won the drawing. See www.parisgiveway.com to see how we did it!
boudoir paris
Meet the awesome Jenny Chambers! She flew all the way to Paris for a mentor session. We talked shop then went out and photographed a model together! This is the stuff dreams are made of.
paris boudoir

Our business segment is ready to watch….

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So if you follow us, you know that our Online Workshop was launched just last month. This means that you have instant access to all the content that we’ve taught at highly successful workshops here in San Diego (which we’ve recent;y replaced with our more intensive 5 day Retreats). We have just uploaded the boudoir business portion for all of our online attendees to watch, one of many, and we wanted to give those of you who are mulling over joining a “sneak peek” into this VERY informative section. This point we drive home more than any other point; “you could be the most sought after photographer on the planet, with gobs of money coming in, but if your money making machine isn’t tuned in, you could very well make more money sitting on your couch watching soap operas everyday.” We go through at length how to tune that in and how to write yourself a paycheck every month.




We would love for you to join us and be a part of this online workshop. Click her for more info about everything we offer in the instant workshop….

online boudoir workshop

IT’S HERE!!! | Online Boudoir Workshop

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FINALLY, the day has arrived! The Online Boudoir Workshop is officially launched, and the first 2 lessons are now live and available for you to watch – from the comfort of your own home! If you were pre-registered then you can now login and watch these lessons. And if you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? There are just a couple more days for you to sign up and get the $150 DISCOUNT!

The first 2 lessons that are now available are:
#1 – Introduction & The Supermodel Experience (1 hour)
#2 – Posing (2 hours)

Want to get a little taste of what Lesson #1 is like? Check out this teaser video!

Countdown: 1 MORE DAY | Online Boudoir Workshop

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We can hardly believe it’s finally here. But we are SO ready to launch this bad boy. 🙂

Today’s prize is our Workshop in a Book… which is the PERFECT companion to the Online Workshop!
AND THE WINNER IS…….. MICHELLE FREDMAN! Congrats, Michelle! We’ll be getting in touch with you soon to send you the marketing book.

To all of you signed up for the Online Workshop – we can’t wait for you to tune in tomorrow and watch the first 2 lessons! And then be sure to post a pic of yourself on social media (use #OnlineBoudoirWorkshop), AND also send us questions so we can start working on our Q&A video that we’ll be filming at sharing after all the videos are released in December. YAY! See you all online tomorrow! 🙂 xoxo, K&M

Countdown: 2 More Days | Online Boudoir Workshop

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We are getting so close… just 2 more days until it’s finally here!

Today’s prize is the Marketing Vault! A 128-page ebook sharing a TON of marketing ideas for your boudoir biz.
AND THE WINNER IS…….. SIOBHAN EDMONDS! Congrats, Siobhan! We’ll be getting in touch with you soon to send you the marketing book.

Happy Saturday, everyone, and check back tomorrow for the last prize and the last day in the countdown!

Countdown: 3 More Days | Online Boudoir Workshop

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Happy Friday, everyone……. only 3 more days to go!

On Monday, the first lesson is a 1-hour (or, actually, 57 minute) video to be released is the Intro Lesson. We’ll start by sharing a bit about ourselves, the history of the Boudoir Divas, and how we were able to realize our dream. Then we’ll dive into the Supermodel Experience™ and share all of the little details that we do at our studio to help our clients feel welcomed and relaxed.

And so in honor of the Supermodel Experience, today’s winner gets this custom metal print (from Bay Photo) – so that you can use a dry erase marker & write in your client’s name to greet her at her shoot.
AND THE WINNER IS…….. LAURA MATTHEWS! Congrats, Laura! We’ll be getting in touch with you soon to send you your new signage. Have a fabulous weekend, but don’t forget – we will announce the a new winner tomorrow!

Countdown: 4 More Days | Online Boudoir Workshop

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4 days to go!

During this Online Boudoir Workshop, Marissa & I will be talking and talking and talking to you. About ALL kinds of stuff. For approximately NINE HOURS when all is said and done. In our minds, you’ll be sitting at home or at a coffee shop, taking notes and listening and writing down questions to ask us for our follow-up Q&A video. And so, today, we’re giving away this cute mug & a Starbucks gift card, so that you can enjoy your favorite coffee drink while you’re listening to us share.

2016 boudoir divas workshop
AND THE WINNER IS…….. TINA DERUSHA! Congrats, Tina! We’ll be getting in touch with you soon to send you your mug & Starbucks card. We hope you enjoy the Online Workshop – thank you for pre-registering!

For the rest of you – check in tomorrow to see the new prize & winner! xoxo, K&M

Book a boudoir photo shoot

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So just in case you are new to our blog, we are boudoir photographers and we have a lovely studio in San Diego. BUT we are also a little bit of a traveling circus, as we love to go to our favorite cites and book client shoots. We have taken our traveling circus to Paris, Italy, Spain, Peru, Africa, Caribbean, and most of the larger states in the US and A. Next up on our list, Miami and Scottsdale!!!


If you haven’t had a boudoir shoot, well it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. We know that a lot of the audience that reads this blog ARE bou photogs themselves, and yes, we are still very much talking to you ladies!!! Yes this is the perfect gift for a special occasion like a wedding gift, or anniversary gift, however we have plenty of women who come to our studio to a book a boudoir shoot simply because they want to do something special for themselves. They want to take a step towards being kinder to themselves, feeling good in their own skin, and have a damn good time doing it. If you are a photographer you especially need to have a photo shoot, as I assure you that core belief in your product/experience will be a pivotal changing point in your business. I know what you are thinking, ‘I hear testimonials all day, I get it.’ Trust us when we tell you, you have no idea what your clients are experiencing until you have been in the hot seat yourself.


As a little inspiration to get you excited about your potential upcoming shoot, take a look at one of our latest shoots. Meet Hannah who has kindly allowed us to show of her images…..

boudoir photos before and after

boudoir photos san diego boudoir photographer miami


Email us at [email protected] to book your Miami or Scottsdale boudoir photo shoot!!

2014 Miami Boudoir Workshop & Consultation

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We are coming to MIAMI!!!!!!! Through the years, we’ve had a TON of questions from photographers asking if we’ll do a workshop on the East Coast, and recently a lot of you have requested that we come to Florida. So yes, it’s true – we’re finally doing it!  We are offering a 1-day workshop on Oct 7, then we have blocked out 2 days to schedule a VERY LIMITED number of 1-on-1 consultations. Lastly, we will also be offering photo shoots for those of you photographers who would like to get in FRONT of the camera and see what your clients feel like!*********MORE INFO AND REGISTRATION FOR MIAMI!*********
boudoir divas miami We wanted to make this doable and EASY for you to sign up, so we’ve created payment plans for EACH of the options! Also, we’ve had a few people email to ask if we could create a custom package & registration link for both the 1-day workshop AND a 1-on-1 consult. So we’ve also got that option for you here (with $100 OFF!)

1-DAY MIAMI BOUDOIR WORKSHOP: We are super excited about offering our 1-day workshop in Miami. We are going to pack as MUCH info into this 1-day as we possibly can! We’ll be touching on boudoir business, branding, marketing, and pricing… as well as give a demo with a model to showcase lighting & posing tips. We’ll also talk about the Supermodel Experience and how we’ve created a space & environment where our clients are allowed to feel sexy, beautiful, and empowered. Pricing is SOOOOO important and such a HUGE part of building a successful business. We are passionate about sharing as much info as we can about how we have built our business, and we won’t hold back when it comes to giving tips and advice on creating a business model and pricing structure that works for YOU. And during the demo, we’ll be sharing our easy lighting recipes and top posing tips & tricks to make our clients look their absolute best.

1-ON-1 CONSULTATIONS WITH KIMBERLEE OR MARISSA: This is something that we absolutely LOVE…. having the opportunity to sit down with you 1-on-1, and talk about your boudoir business. We will go over anything you’d like to talk about, from marketing and branding, to pricing and business model. We’ll also be scheduling a photo shoot for you with a model, so that you can build up your portfolio! Have uninterupted time with Marissa or Kimberlee to get an in-depth review of your boudoir business, strategize and brainstorm, and get feedback on the areas that you want to talk about.  4 hours on either October 8th or 9th. You will meet with Kimberlee or Marissa for 1 hour of shooting with a model, and 3 hours of 1-on-1 time to discuss your business, marketing plan, online presence, and anything else you would like to talk about. And if you book a consultation with us, we’ll be shooting YOU for a quick headshot session at some point during your time with us!

boudoir divas miami
: Want to have a taste of what YOUR clients go through? Get in front of the camera and have your very own boudoir experience! If you are a boudoir photographer and have never had your OWN boudoir session, you really should think about booking a shoot for yourself. We think it is an invaluable experience to get in FRONT of the camera and feel what your clients go through.

We hope to see you in Miami in October! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email ([email protected]), or join our Facebook Group to add to the discussion about Miami & ask your questions there. Or, are you ready to lock in your spot? Then go SIGN UP NOW!

Our Awesome Retreat Attendees

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As we have mentioned in some of our other posts, one of the reasons we really wanted to a longer, more intensive, 4-day retreat (versus our usual shorter 2-day workshops), was because we wanted to get a chance to really get to know all of our fab attendees. To each of our attendees – we are so glad that we were able to spend these 4 days with you, and we are so incredibly honored that you made the investment and took the time to travel to hang out with us in San Diego. We feel like we were able to truly get to know each of you a little bit, to understand your business, personality and to really be able to speak into exactly what it is you are doing with your boudoir biz.

Another added bonus is the freaking awesome camaraderie that comes from sharing so much time (not to mention sharing a cool home) with others who are your peers in this industry. To spend time collaborating with these incredible people who are doing everything in their power to build a dream similar to yours. The ideas, inspiration, brainstorming, and questioning that is bounced around is like nothing else when it comes to pursuing your dreams. I think it’s safe to say that we are 100% happy with the decision to start the Boudoir Retreats! These are some headshot images that we took (although most gals got a boudoir shoot at our studio too, so you may want to head to our studio blog, www.sandiegoboudoir.com, and see who gave us permission to show them off). 😉 All of these photographers are killing it in the boudoir industry on their own, and it kinda blows our mind that they flew to us to learn, as we have learned heaps as well from being with them and bouncing a ton of ideas around with everyone. These are no longer just our ‘industry peers’ or our ‘Retreat attendees’. So without further ado – here they are, our awesome peers, boudoir retreat attendees, and even cooler than that, our new friends….. boudoir retreat attendees boudoir divas

 First up are the lovebirds, Andrew and Maggi Woo, from British Colombia, Canada. These two are such a great pair, and you can tell that they really complement each other not only in their sweeet relationship but also in their business – Maggi Woo Photography. She shoots beautiful images and then shares her work on her blog, through her gorgeous words (seriously, you have to check out her blog – she’s such a great writer!) And then this exec, Andrews, is all about helping out on the biz side, supporting her as lovebirdy husband does and giving tons of insight with his extensive experience in the business world. These two are unstoppable!


Next up is a face you may recognize… We know this gal pretty well at this point, as she has been to our workshop and studio a couple of times before! And did we mention are bananas about her. You just might know her cuz she’s cool like that, makin’ a name for herself in this industry and standing out – it’s the fabulous Denise of Modern Love Photography! We know that our paths will continue to cross in the future. Sorry, Denise, but you’re stuck with us, whether you like it or not. 😉 Go check out her site and see all the cool stuff she is up to (including a new ebook coming out soon!)


Apparently this next girl knows how to brand – I mean, just look at that hair! 🙂 Introducing Jennie of Pink Photography. Jennie owns a studio in Richmond, Virginia, and this girl is going places. Jennie is one of those gals who may seem reserved at first, but that’s just until she’s had a chance to warm up. She is such a sweetheart, and it is easy to see that her clients feel incredibly comfortable around her. There’s no doubt in our minds about why she has already built up a successful boudoir biz!


Next up is the bubbly-life-of-the-party Krystyn! This girl knows how to make friend. And geez louise she’s another one who will make you feel comfortable in two seconds. How did we get so lucky, to be surrounded with such sweet and wonderful people at this Retreat?! Krystyn has a studio in Pittsburgh that is both a boudoir studio AND lingerie boutique. Super cool. Check her out here: KBS Photography. Also, you have GOT to read her blog post about her experience BEHIND the camera – we just loved reading about her time at our studio and thought she did such a great job of explaining the experience.


Korin, the artist also known as Martina, comes off as pretty chill, but let’s be honest, if you know her, you know that this gal has some unexpected fire. 🙂 (Which, come on, we all have to have a little ‘fire’ to be in this line of work, right?) Korin of Wonderland Boudoir has a successful portrait photography biz in Dallas, Texas – and we just love her style. Plus, her laugh is pretty infectious. We’re excited to see her biz continue to grow and grow!


Natasha! Ah! I think this girl can Carebear-stare a smile right into you heart, hahaha! Seriously though, she is salt-of-the-Earth-good-people. We loved getting to know her (and especially loved hearing her story of how she met her hubby!) Introducing Natasha!!! (Her website is under construction so we’ll have to post a link to it once it’s up!) She is about to launch a really cool concept… a salon-meets-boudoir studio, in South Dakota! We think this gal has exactly what it takes to create the business that she is envisioning, and we can’t wait to see it come to fruition. Watch out, because she’s going to take the South Dakota market by STORM.


Ok and now last but certainly not least… Miss Agi Magyar, who was definitely the one who traveled the farthest for this Retreat – she came all the way from Sydney, Australia! We met Agi last year when she came to have a destination boudoir shoot with us in Vegas, and we knew we would become instant friends from the very moment we met her. When she said she was coming to the Retreat, we were super excited because we knew she’d bring a fun energy to the experience. Definitely go check out her website, she’s doing great things – Agi M Photography! We also loved reading her review and recap of the Boudoir Retreat on this blog post.


We also have a little video of Agi that we wanted to share here. We were filming videos throughout the Retreat, and at one point, Agi asked if she could get on camera and film herself. So she took matters into her own hands and filmed herself speaking! We didn’t know what she had up her sleeves, and we didn’t even have a chance to watch it until recently. Thank you, Agi, for taking our camera and sharing what you did. Your words truly touched us.

And THANK YOU to all of our Retreat Attendees – ahem – FRIENDS – who came to the 2014 Retreat. We are so thankful that we had this experience with you and we are excited to continue this journey with you as we all continue to pursue our passion of making women look and feel beautiful through the empowering boudoir photography experience.

boudoir divas retreat

We have had a lot of people inquire about our future Boudoir Retreats, and we are happy to say that we will be launching the next Retreat VERY SOON!
We had such a great time at this one and we can’t wait to launch one for 2015! And in case you can’t wait that long, we are also THINKING about doing some 1-day workshops this fall on the East Coast. (Looking for 3 hosts on the East Coast who would be willing to let us take over your studio and let in a group of photographers for a day of learning!

EDIT TO ADD: We have now officially launched our 2015 Boudoir Retreat AND a 1-Day Boudoir Workshop in Miami!