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Big changes at the San Diego Studio

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We have quite the announcement! We are technically closing the studio and then re-opening! I would be honored if you headed over to my new blog hear the reasons and thoughts behind the change. Also here is a video that will fill you on the details of everything! 🙂 It’s been amazing having a network with all you photographers out there, don’t worry we aren’t going anywhere! Just changing it all up a bit.


Thanks for stopping by!


“The Marketing Vault” ebook

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It’s launched!!! 125 pages of exactly what we did to get our business to where it is today! Some things worked great, and some did not, but we tell ALL in this digital download. 24 hours left for our launch sale. Get yours now!!!!

If you know us, you know that we pour ourselves into our books, and hey, to be honest, we are gosh darn proud of this bad boy.
Mainly because it really illustrates the sweat and creativity that we have put into this studio and getting to the point it is now.  We would be ridiculously honored if you purchased it people. And we truly know it will be helpful to you.
xoxoxoxox- Marissa & Kimberlee

Next on the agenda… PARIS photo shoots and mentor sessions in April 2015 and

launching our next “Boudoir Retreat!!!”

the marketing vault

Miami Boudoir and a little TBT

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A little random combo of a post on this lovely Thursday. Today I sit in a Cafe in Encinitas, loving the ambiance but also kinda wishing I had chose a spot with some AC. It’s hot as heck in this little beach city and all I am thinking about is the ocean. Kimberlee is in what I am assuming is much cooler Anacortes, Washingting plugging away (I am visiting her next week and stoked about it). She writes this as the first part of our combo post…..

YAY MIAMI!!!!! We are so excited about this… can’t believe it’s about a month away! If you are thinking about joining us, we’d love to connect with you via email ([email protected]) or our Facebook Group. Or visit all the details and booking page here. In case you’d like to see exact dates, here’s a little calendar for you. Keep in mind there are only TWO SPOTS LEFT for boudoir shoots in Miami! If you want to snag one, go ahead and email us to get it booked. Note that we are open to booking a shoot  on a consult date if that’s where the demand leads us….

miami boudoir marathon

And now onto my part of the post, our funny #TBT to what I think was 2006. Kimberlee and I made our first video ever on our little point and shoot, this was one of the first shoots ever in our new studio. The comments are particularly hilarious, and while I do agree with some of them actually, I still somehow managed to come out of this shoot with an image that won an Accolade of Excellence Award from WPPI. So glad I didn’t listen and submitted the image. Kinda proof that you should never listen to your critics. Or at least only listen to the ones you trust ya know, never internet trolls. Sorry about the ad at the beginning, the you tube account is so old I can’t even remember the login to change it. Go ahead and laugh at the video, we sure are. High five to just going for it before you totally know what you are doing right Kimee? 😉


Here’s the image that won….

1500 Poses: The Boudoir Divas’ New eBook!

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Ahhhh we are SOOOO flippin’ excited about this. K here, I’m finally back after taking a few weeks off (see post below from M). My sweet baby boy is currently sleeping in a Moby wrap strapped to me, giving me a little time to check emails and do some blogging. (I’ll write another post SOON about the transition to mommyhood, I promise!)

So just two days before I gave birth to Arie, Marissa & I finished up this project that we had been working on for a few months – and we are happy to say that it is finally through the production & publishing process, and it is available for purchase. It’s our new eBook! “1500 Poses: A Boudoir, Glamour, and Portrait Shot Guide for Photographers and Models” We are really excited about this eBook and love that we are able to get it in your hands at such a killer price (currently at an introductory rate of only $9.99!)
boudoir posing guide
Get the Boudoir Divas’ New eBook NOW – an INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF!

boudior posing guide pose
You will just need to download the Kindle App for iPhone or iPad to be able to view it.
Within about an hour of launching the eBook on Amazon, we got tons of downloads, and our first review: “Amazing set of photos, finally something that is useful! Certainly already has spurred ideas I’ve not yet thought of. Buy it!” (Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your review!) If you purchase the eBook, we would REALLY value your opinion if you can take the time to write a review on Amazon for us. Thank you so much.
We said this in our book, but also wanted to mention here as we officially announce the launch – that this book wouldn’t be possible without the help of so many amazing people. Our Boudoir Divas Team (and fab photographers, Sarah, Erin, & Deena, who played a role in this book by taking some of the images inside!) Our fab HMU artist Peggy, for beautifying our clients. Lindsey, the Divas’ “Production Princess” – for working your post-production magic. (Also gotta mention that Lindsey, Sarah, and Peggy all make cameo appearances in the book as models!) And to ALL of the clients, friends, and models who were brave enough to let us share your images in this book… thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. (There are many more people to thank – please see the acknowledgments section in the book!)

Have a happy Friday, a fabulous weekend, and GO BUY THE NEW BOOK NOW! xoxo, Kimberlee

Quite possibly our blogs biggest news ever….

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So um, REALLY big news……Kimberlee HAD A BABY boy!!! I know, I know, there wasn’t much build up about it, well unless you follow us on that thing called Facebook. And even then it was a little under the radar. Here is my theory, K is really great about posting about all thing business, marketing, ME, etc. But when it comes to her, well she gets a little camera shy. I tried to get her to share some of the exciting and very eventful things in our lives lately: her freaking cute nursery, her kinda epically adorable pregnant belly (plus great figure, which let’s be honest is a little annoying), her and her hubs so sweet family sessions with the baby belly and on the list goes on. But as good as this girl is about cheering on the rest of the world, she really seeks no attention herself. So I am saying all that to say…. that I FINALLY got her permission to post a photo of this OUTRAGEOUSLY beautiful little creature, Arie Chandler, who entered the world on Feb 1st at 4:54 am. He was 8lbs, 14oz, and 22 inches. We have a baby!! Oops, scratch that, KIMEE has a baby!! My bad. And I am going to love him like he’s my little nephew. I am so happy that K is healthy, that he is healthy, and that she has such a wonderful hubby, who I should probably mention at this time cuz he was kinda a big part of the whole thing. Thanks for being our “someday your Prince will come,” Prince Eric. That day you met and won us over, I mean won Kimee over, at our suite at WPPI in Las Vegas, you swept her off her feet (which let’s be honest, not that easy to do, she was rightfully picky) well that was an amazing day for all that love her. Look at what God can bless us with. Love you guys (Arie I love you more, but shhhhh, that’s between us). – M

Fine Magazine images

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We are SO incredibly honored to say that we were recently featured in FINE MAGAZINE!
boudoir divas
There’s an awesome write-up about us in there (click here if you want to read the whole thing)… and beyond that, Marissa was also able to shoot an entire editorial spread for the November edition of the mag. SO cool!
boudoir divas editorial
Here are more images from that editorial shoot. Oh, and be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to watch an entire behind-the-scenes video of the shoot!!!
fine-magazine-fashion-photos fine-magazine-boudoir-classic-photography boudoir-fashion-boudoir-divas1 fine-magazine-boudoir-divas fine-photo-shoot-boudoir-divas fashion-boudoir-photography
We wanna give a huge thank you to the fabulous Daisy Varley for filming and editing this awesome video for us!

Thank you for your support!

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Happy Monday everyone!!! We just wanted to follow-up with you about Intuit’s Small Business Big Game Contest, and let you know that unfortunately we didn’t make it into the next round. BUT – we wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who voted for us over the past few months! We got SO much love and support from all of you, and all of your votes got us ranked SO HIGH on the list! We were in the top 100 and even in the top 50 for a while there. So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. If you didn’t have a chance to watch our Small Business Big Game Commercial, go check it out!
small business big game
And while we’re talking about videos… have you subscribed to our Boudoir Divas Youtube Channel yet?! We love posting videos of our photo shoots, our travels, our lives, and lots of silly behind-the-scenes vids from the studio. We have some really cool videos in the line-up that will be coming soon, so if you don’t want to miss any of them, make sure you go subscribe! Hope you all have a fabulous week. xoxo, K&M
boudoir youtube channel

New Boudoir Studio Website

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We are THRILLED to announce that we have launched our brand-spankin-new studio WEBSITE!!! We’ve worked long and hard on this site – it has definitely been a labor of love. Go check it out!
boudoir divas website
There is SO much information about the Boudoir Divas Experience, and we wanted to be sure to give as much info as possible to our fab Supermodel clients. So this new site has all kinds of updated sections, including a new “About Us” section, “Experience” section, all-new Galleries, and SOOOO much more!
boudoir photography website
We often get a TON of questions about what is important to include on your website for boudoir photographers. Your web presence is SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT – and we do have quite a few tips for you. So go check out The Boudoir Divas’ Top Tips for your Boudoir Website.
boudoir websites

Featured on Wedding Chicks

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Happy MONDAY everyone! We were honored to be the Featured Vendor last week on Wedding Chicks – so we just wanted to say thank you so much to the fab WC team for sharing the word about our boudoir studio. We’re honored! And to our fellow photographers out there – hope you have a wonderful week! This week we are committing to publishing a NEW BLOG POST every single day! So check back… xoxo, boudoir divas