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Paris Boudoir Workshop

Paris Photo Shoots – BTS Videos

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If you couldn’t tell from this recent post, we are CRAAAAAZZZZYYYYY about Paris. We’ve been there 6 years now, and yes we are going again in 2016, if you want to join us! This year, we had the pleasure of hanging out with two beautiful ladies – who also happen to be BFFs – Jennifer & Jessica! These two gals each booked our Paris photo shoot package, and it was SO much fun to photograph them and create some fun videos & gorgeous custom albums for them! We loved the experience, and I’m pretty sure they loved it too. 🙂 We just wanted to share a little behind-the-scenes video from our Paris photo shoots, so you all could see some of the fun that ensued.

Thank you, J&J, for taking the leap and following your hearts with this experience. It was definitely one of our favorite Paris trips ever, and we loved spending some time with you playing in this amazing city! xoxo, K&M
boudoir divas paris

6 Years in Paris

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It’s hard to believe I am saying this, but yea, Kimberlee and I have come to Paris for six years now either leading workshops or doing photo shoots. And now we are here again! Excited to see what this year holds for us as we set out to shoot two wonderful studio clients in this mind blowing city. Earlier today we were reminiscing and thought we would share our Parisian escapades with you lovelies. If you were ever there with us we’d be honored if you commented! (You have to go to the actual post by clicking on the header to comment fyi). paris photography
paris boudoir workshop
boudoir workshop 2009 was our first try at this Paris thing. This was one of the bravest things we’ve ever done. We were like 26 year old little squirts (with terrible fashion sense) who wanted to lead a group of photographers in Paris, teaching them and creating community with them. We led a boudoir photography workshop for 12 ladies, who traveled to Paris from the US and a few from Europe! We were nervous, and SO relieved when everything went off without a hitch.  Oh this was also the era of K and I wearing matching things ALL the time. What the? This was also the year we decided to force our workshop attendees to create a music video with us, which you can watch here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRYRKIb_Tb4 After our workshop, we also took an epic roadtrip through northern France and Brugge.
boudoir photography workshop
boudoir divas
boudoir workshop 2010. Or as we call it, “The Year of The Volcano.” We took on a lot this year as we planned for two back-to-back photography workshops with 14 people in them each! We rented a beautiful, to die for apartment in the Trocadero Arrondissement, and we even brought our moms out to help and have fun with us. Alas, a volcano filled the skies with tons of ash, stopping all air travel for about a week, and only about half of our attendees made it out. We were beyond disappointed. BUT for those who were there, man did we have a great time. All those who missed out ended up attending a workshop in San Diego or in Paris the following year. See the video here…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLVX0Xk8vrk
boudoir photography workshop 2012!!! Two workshops back-to-back, held in Le Marais Arrondissement of Paris. We really felt ‘in our grove’ this year and really understood how to navigate this crazy city. Afterwards K and I went on a road trip all over France. Incredible times, to say the least.
boudoir photography paris
2013. We were asked to speak for GNPP in Tours, an awesome photography organization for the talented photographers here in France. We piggybacked it with a photo shoot of our friend Tenley. See the videos…. Sunny Day and Eiffel Tower.
boudoir photographers paris
Last year we created a beautiful video/photo shoot with one of our loves, Christine Penny. This woman inspires and motivates us and she booked this package with us so that we could collaborate and create a dreamy kinda ‘day in the life of a fabulous entrepreneur in Paris’ visual story. Her video is one of the pieces we are most proud of. This is the year that K’s little man (just 3 months old at the time) traveled with us as our travel buddy.
paris photographers
We are here again this year, and we couldn’t be more excited. This year we have two beautiful clients traveling here for their own photo shoots on the streets of Paris. Jennifer & Jessica are two friends who wanted to have a fun experience together, and we are honored to be able to be a part of this dream for them.
boudoir divas
While we are here prepping for our photo shoots this year, we have already been talking and dreaming about what is going to be in the plans for 2016. We love doing photo shoots and will probably book a couple more again for next year. But then we’ve also been dreaming about possibly hosting a ‘reunion workshop’ here – for any PAST attendees (who have ever come to a retreat or workshop, either in Paris, SD, Vegas, or Miami). So we’re putting this out there to all of you past attendees – would you be interested in coming for a Paris Reunion??? If so, please email us and we’ll start putting together a waiting list. xoxo, M&K

Paris 2015

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Happy New Year everybody! We are THRILLED to say that we are returning once again to Paris, France, in 2015! This year we will be doing photo shoots on the streets of Paris, and will also be offering 1-on-1 consultations for professional boudoir photographers. If you are interested in joining us we would love to meet you in our favorite city for a day of inspiration, talking business/marketing, and of course – SHOOTING – in our favorite city n the world!

“A dream of a lifetime. To be there in the city of lights was just amazing, but to be in the presence of such talent guiding me in such a magical place is something that I will never forget. Marrisa gave a confidence that I didn’t have. In such short time I feel I learned so much from her. I will forever be thankful for all she did. AMAZING EXPERIENCE. BOUDOIR DIVAS ROCK!”

paris boudoir divas workshop
Ready to sign up and join us in Paris!? We have made this as easy as possible for you by creating a payment plan! Click HERE to sign up today! *Please note – we only have TWO more spots available… please contact us as soon as possible to take one of these spots! Email with any questions you may have: [email protected]

See you in PARIS! 🙂 xoxo, Kimberlee & Marissa

Christine Penny Paris Video

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We are beyond thrilled to say that we have officially launched our behind-the-scenes video from our 2014 trip to Paris with the fabulous Christine Penny! If you haven’t seen her website go check it out immediately. This was such a cool collaboration, and we were so honored to work with Christine again. We had so much fun traipsing around Paris, spending hours together, with 5 looks and locations, and capturing some beautiful images and video footage. So without further ado, here is the Premier of “Jour a La Nuit”:

Christine, we loved capturing these images and creating this fun video with you. You are so freaking talented and we loved having the opportunity to work alongside you with this project! Until next time… 🙂 xoxo, K&M

Paris Photo Shoots May 2014

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Yipeeeee! This is our favorite announcement of the year!

We are launching our Paris shoots for May 2014. You probably know that every spring we find an excuse to go our favorite city in the world, and this year we will be doing photo shoot on the streets of Paris for any daring lady that may want one. Last year we spoke at a photography conference and did 3 shoots for Tenley Molzahn of The Bachelor and had one of the most amazing times of our lives, see her videos below, one still to come in the future.

tenley paris

We LOVE this city, and we adore photographing women here, so if you can “dare to dream” about the possibility of a photo shoot in Paris, well than it just might be realized.  Click below to learn even more about this unbelievable experience…

paris photo shoot

If you’d like to snag a spot and book a photo shoot with the Divas in the City of Light, simply shoot us an email for more details! [email protected]

xoxo, M&K

First Paris video launched!

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Yay! Launching the first of about three Paris videos to come! Featuring footage from the beautiful Tenley AND the ever enchanting city of light, Paris! After many, many days of rain, the sun finally came out and we loved every second of it. Shooting in Paris is a dream we have always had, and we are so blessed to have been able to experience a day this exciting! This day will forever be in our hearts.

Photo/video/editing by us, The Boudoir Divas, Marissa Boucher & Kimberlee West. Hair and Make-up by Erin Ashley Greene. Song by Melissa Vaughan.

Here are a few of the still from the video…
paris portraits photographer

paris louvre portraits

louvre fashion portaits photos

Paris_bridge-seine-river- beautiful-fashion-gown


If you watch it we would be thrilled if you left a comment on this post 😉 There are so many of you visiting the blog and we would really love to know who it is stopping by. In order to leave a comment you have to go to the ACTUAL post, so click on the header of the post and you will see where the comment options are.

We hope to do more photo shoots in Paris, France late spring 2014. Please email us to be on list to receive info as soon as we have exact dates, pricing, etc.

photo shoot portaits in paris

Getting ready to launch one of many Paris vids….

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Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goooooooddddnneeeessss! We are currently burning the candle at both ends working on so many new projects! Now that the studio revamp is officially done, we have focused our efforts on Boudoir International, our new studio website launch AND the Paris photo shoot and videos! Ah! While we are feverishly working away at this thing, we wanted to leave you with a a couple little teasers until the first of many Paris vids is launched….

SIDE NOTE: So not sure what this whole thing is about? You mean you aren’t totally well versed in the lives of The Boudoir Divas? Hee hee,  just kidding, sometimes we wonder if the 300 people who visit our blog everyday are just our mom’s over and over. Every year we do our very best to find an excuse to go to Paris, France to work. Cuz let’s get real, if you love Paris as much as we do, AND you love your work as much as we do, well then it’s just a dream-like scenario isn’t it? We usually go to host a boudoir portrait workshop, but this year we went just to photograph our client and friends Tenley Molzahn from The Bachelor. She is an amazing model, and just all around the cat’s pajamas 😉
paris-louvre-portait-photographer-boudoir-couples-engagement paris-notre-dame-boudoir-divas-portraits black and white seine river paris fashion portrait paris-eiffel-tower-boudoir-divas-portraits-photographer-fashion

Paris Part 1 + a no-Paris-workshop explanation

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I still am in awe that we were asked to travel to one of our favorite places ever, Paris (well Tours which is very close to Paris) to speak. Sometimes God gives you such a special little nugget of love, that you know without a doubt it is a gift from Him. And so that’s how it went, we went to Paris to speak and to do shoots.

Now I know that in the past we always did workshops in Paris AND we ADORED doing these. They were so fun for everyone involved. But last year we had a bit of an awakening. There are just SO many darn details and logistics that go into the planning for our Paris workshops. In planning these workshops it is always so difficult to find a conference hall, or hotel, or large apartment that was even remotely reasonable for what we needed… not to mention, most of these large places cost so much that our poor attendees would end up having to pay well over $3000 to make it possible. So this year when K and I started the search again, we just couldn’t quite find a place that was “legit” and Paris-authentic AND affordable for our workshop attendees. One where we could break even or at least not be too far in the negative after the workshop, a win/win considering we just want to shoot and talk about our passion in Paris. Alas, our searched proved unfruitful. And to K and my despair it looked like we weren’t going to Paris.

Epically disappointed, we let go.

But when God plants a dream in your heart he can surprise you with his faithfulness…… we got an email…..GNPP was inviting us to speak in Paris at a convention! WOW!  We went bonkers texting each other back and forth. “Can you believe it!?” “The timing.” “What a gift.” “And we still get to talk about boudoir!”
Okay, so this didn’t mean that we were not truly saddened by the fact that our Paris workshop wasn’t in the making. We loved the close community of a workshop. But come on, this was a gift and we were THRILLED!
So we thought we should be open and explain; that while we were so sad, we were also given another chance. And it looks as though the GNPP is considering creating a Boudoir Divas workshop for us in France soon/next year(?). Ah! Ecstatic relief. And maybe for you too if you were hoping to study boudoir in the land of boodwaaaaah.

So thanks for reading through our explanation of why things have changed, as my friend Leah says so often “you win some, you lose some.” In this case I think we… uh… well, we lost some and then we won some. But we came out very grateful. Here is a little more about the first leg of our trip.

We arrived in Paris (M, K and Erin Ashley Greene),we  fought off jet lag with on and off enthusiasm…

paris eiffel tower boudoir divas

natalie portmain dior paris

paris dior natalie portman sofia coppola

Stopped in front of Pritemepts, mesmerized by the Natalie Portman/Sophia Coppola display for Dior.

Then took the TGV to Tours, about 3.5 hours by car, one hours by a freakshow TGV fast train. We did our typical tourist thing and smelled the roses and made many friends along the way.


boudoir divas travel paris tours workshop france

gnpp france photographers france

Just sayin’….

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I was just dreaming about our next Paris workshop and was thinking about this fabulous quote so I wanted to share… paris is always a good idea

If you are even just considering the Paris Workshop 2013 (day dreaming of launching somewhat soon) I am sorry to say that you will hear Audrey’s lovable voice ring in your ear with these words over and over from now on.  Actually, you know what, I am not sorry. Cuz the words are true. Paris is ALWAYS a good idea! 😉 Email us at [email protected] so you be among the first to find out when we do launch the workshop. Looking at late April for the 2013 workshop dates.