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Boudoir International Writing Team 2015

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We are SO excited and proud to announce the 2015 Writing Team for the Boudoir International Blog!
boudoir photographers
Marissa & I sat down to talk about our ‘dream team’ of writers for 2015, and we came up with these awesome photographers and writers who we know and have had a connection with through the years. We wrote out our ideas, and sent out a quick email to let everyone know what we were thinking, and they ALL SAID YES! We are truly honored that these amazing women have partnered with us, and we’re excited to share with you what they have to say!

Go find out more about all of our writers, and then check out the BI blog to see the first-ever writer’s post!

Boudoir International Update

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boudoir international

NEW PRICING for Boudoir International

Hi Guys!
Good things happening around here that we wanted to fill you in on. First off – some of you BI members who did the year-long subscription, well… your year may be up! And if so, you will be getting a personalized email from us soon. But don’t be bummed about that because we have exciting news!! Those of you that are month to month, no worries, you are good & won’t be getting an email from us, however you may want to considering going yearly, because it’s SUCH a better deal! (If you want to go yearly, just email us: [email protected])
We wanted to make sure you knew that it’s now even MORE AFFORDABLE to sign up for a full year – it’s only $150! That’s like less than getting 2 fancy coffees at Starbucks each week. 🙂

Also, we want YOU to be featured on the Boudoir International BLOG!!!! Once you sign up for a yearly membership, then we want to make sure we give you a little love in return, and get you hooked up with a “Featured Member” post on the blog.
The goal of the BI BLOG is to get potential boudoir clients more invested and excited about an experience, and then start looking for someone in their area to be their fit as a boudoir photographer! Hopefully that’s you!

You probably already know that we’ve been advertising on Green Wedding Shoes for the past year. But did you know that we are also starting to run campaigns with Google AdWords? We have been doing this for the past couple of months and we are definitely seeing the benefits, as our site stats continue to climb! Our goal is to get more eyes on this site, and more eyes on YOUR PROFILE!

If you haven’t already seen the updated media kit, take a few minutes to read it over!
Shoot Sarah (she is our fabulous Associate Editor for Boudoir International) an email if you have questions about anything here, she is at [email protected]! Also, if you want to update any of your info on your profile page or send us new images for your gallery, you can do that by just emailing them to Sarah directly as well.
Thanks again for joining us on this journey… Boudoir Photographers, UNITE! xoxo, Marissa & Kimberlee

You are beautiful…

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beautiful quote boudoir

This is typically a blog geared toward boudoir photographers, but we wanted to be sure that if you happened to find yourself here and you are considering a photo shoot, that we let you know who we all are and what we believe….

What boudoir photographers all seem to have in common is the belief that every woman is uniquely beautiful and the desire to showcase each person’s uniqueness. It seems that most women tend to look more for perfection in themselves, rather than seeing what beauty others see in us. We think that a boudoir shoot is an amazing way to give yourself the opportunity to throw away the idea that perfection is necessary, and instead embrace all the positives. Strong healthy legs, smile lines from a life of laughter, strong shoulders from picking up kiddos, hips that definitely remind you you are all woman, and the list continues.

Let a boudoir shoot be the beginning of a journey to accepting and loving yourself as you are. Click here to start the search in your area.


Our hopes for the Boudoir International Blog…

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You heard us say it before and we will excitedly say it again, “we want a boudoir photo shoot to be so popular that every woman in the world will know about this fabulous must-do experience!!!!” And so we have created a new feature for Boudoir International, a blog for potential boudoir clients, www.boudoirinternational.com/blog . Our dream for this blog is that potential clients that are just kinda being introduced to the idea of a photo shoot can come to the blog, get inspired and excited to book a shoot. Then they will of course mosey on over to the site and find a photographer in their area. Maybe YOU! Check this video that illustrates what we had in mind.

We are currently looking for boudoir photography submissions from our member to feature their images on our blog. Please learn more on our submissions page at http://www.boudoirinternational.com/boudoir-blog-submissions/

Bou Photogs Unite, let’s do this!!! – M&K

A little studio news…

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natural light boudoir studio san diego

We are busy at work with launching the new Boudoir International Blog (so exciting!) and wrapping up the official launch of our new expanded boudoir studio space. We can’t believe we get to officially say that the studio is 6,500 square feet! For reals… pinch us! We are so thankful and blessed. Although, we do have to admit that it wasn’t all just luck, a huge part of it was the immense amount of time we put towards our client’s experience here, as well as late night hours marketing and branding; and then combined with the simple fact that boudoir is gaining major momentum! Go bou photogs!!!

Here are a few images from a recent photo shoot in the new space….

glamour photography beauty

styling a photo shoot

lighting and sets for boudoir studio photography

natural light tips boudoir photography posing

boudoir posing lighting tips webinar

We wanted to leave you with a fun video of a boudoir shoot in the expanded space and revamped sets to celebrate!
Thank you so much to the two sweetheart clients who trusted us to totally style their boudoir shoot and then let us film a fun video of the entire experience.

Note, if you’re new to this blog, this is our boudoir blog that is geared specifically toward photographers. We talk about all things boudoir photography- tips, tricks, posing ideas, etc.. As well as marketing for boudoir and overall business approaches. This is also the space where you will find the more candid & personal side of our lives ;).

If you are looking for a boudoir shoot and are in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles or Riverside, head over to www.boudoirphotographysandiego.com or if you are outside those areas, visit www.boudoirinternational.com to find an amazing boudoir photographer near you!

Announcing the brand new B.I. BLOG!

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Alright everyone – we are SO excited to finally officially announce the new Boudoir International Blog! If you don’t know what Boudoir International is – basically, it’s a referral website to help women be able to find a boudoir photographer in their area. The site is doing great, and we are so proud of it. We’re also incredibly honored to have each and every amazing boudoir photographer on the site! But if you know anything about us, you know that we aren’t just going to stop or settle… we are going to push ourselves and do our very best to make Boudoir International even better.

And so – we’ve decided to launch the new blog! It’s going to be a place that is full of inspiration, ideas, and eye candy – so that women from around the world will be able to browse the posts and start dreaming and planning for their own boudoir shoot. It’s also a place where we’ll be able to show off our Boudoir International members, and give them a place to feature some of their favorite boudoir shoots. Go check it out to see the beginnings of something new and beautiful…

And in order to get things started right, we are ALSO doing a fun contest for all of the photographers who are members of Boudoir International!

You must be a member of Boudoir International to submit. If you’re a member, please send us your favorite horizontal image! (Only one image per studio). Email the photo directly to us here: [email protected]

We’re going to review all of the submissions, and in 2 weeks, we will post our TOP FIVE FINALISTS! These finalists will each win one 8×12 canvas print (of their image that was submitted)! Then we will have you all vote for the top image. The winning image will be featured on the Boudoir International Homepage for 3 months!

Good luck to everyone and we can’t wait to get more of your work featured on the blog! (Check out this link for info on how to submit your beautiful boudoir editorial or real boudior shoots!)

If you’d like to find out more about Boudoir International, please check out our 2013 MEDIA KIT – and if you’d like to submit your website to become a member, fill out your info here!

Boudoir International Update….

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We have some great news for you. www.BoudoirInternational.com has completely exceeded our expectations “visits” wise! Wow. Since the 1st of this year we have had 9,824 people visit Bou Int. That means that so many people are seeing you! We are still plugging away at it, doing our best to get it ranked really well on Google, but truth is the majority of the hits come from our splash page – www.theboudoirdivas.com – which does rank really well on Google. We are thrilled to see this site do its thang!

If you would like to be listed on Boudoir International we invite you to first visit this page and it’s highly recommended you watch the vid to really understand what this about. Then submit your boudoir biz on the form here! (PS – to anyone who has submitted their business recently… we will be going through ALL submissions and sending out new invitations very soon! We’ve been overwhelmed – in a good way – with so many awesome photographers wanting to be listed on the site, so it’s taking a while to get through them all. But we will be in touch very soon!!!)

Thanks to all of the fabulous photographers who are listed on Boudoir International – we are so proud to have you on this site and can’t wait to continue to see it grow. xoxo, K&M

Boudoir International Contest Winners Announced!

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Hey everyone, exciting news today – we just did a drawing of all of our Boudoir International peeps, and here are the lucky winners!!!!

We are so excited about Boudoir International, and we want to thank all of the awesome photographers who have joined up with us! We are also happy to say that we are going to be advertising for a whole year on Green Wedding Shoes – one of the TOP wedding blogs in the US! Our ad will link directly to the Boudoir International homepage, so it’s just one more way for your potential clients to see your work!

Get in on the boudoir excitement!

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Heya Bou buddies! We are always amazed and seriously so grateful when we look at our analytics and see how many people are stopping by this blog. Wowzers, thank you for stopping by, even if just for a few minutes! So we feel like we have been posting all the things going on randomly on our blog, facebook and twitter, and if all the chaos is kinda making our head spin, then we wanted to make sure we spelled out exactly what was going in case your head was spinning too. So below we have a list of all the current happenings. We would just love for you to be a part of one, two, three, or heck, all four of these fun, boudoir-inspired activities. And while we are in a “Back to School” mode, we hope that our “zesty-ness” maybe inspires you to do something a little quirky or energetic for YOUR boudoir business. Maybe a fall-inspired boudoir marathon for your clients, styled with boots and sweaters? Maybe a boudoir concept shoot like we talked about a couple months ago? An annual sale? A set make-over? Or maybe it’s time to really push that one product you have been meaning to push more for your clients. Like boudoir gift certificates or beautiful wall art. Whatever it is, just know that we wish you the very best – and we are rooting for you! We want boudoir to be famous all over the planet. (“Boudoir Photographers, Unite!”)

the boudoir divas studio in san diego

boudoir photography advertising

That’s right, as I am sure you heard, we have finally re-launched Boudoir International. And if you sign up by TODAY, you’ll be able to enter to win one of these killer prizes!!! What we love about our contest is that you actually have a pretty darn good chance of winning something! We have so many people emailing and calling the studio asking us if we have a specific recommendation for a boudoir photographers in there area, now we can easily point them in the right direction. Yay!  You may have gotten an invitation to join Bou Intl, but if not, don’t be afraid to email us at [email protected]theboudoirdivas.com

We just love that we get to host other photographers in our studio, that together we can have so, so much fun while also helping your boudoir business move to that next level. I think that seeing some of our past attendees just take off after attending our workshops has brought more joy to us than we could imagine. To say we would be delighted for you to make your way out here to spend time in our studio is such an understatement.

And we believe with every fiber in us that it will help your business grow so much. Investing in education and learning is one of the best ways to spend your money when you are building your business! For instance, in 2005 I couldn’t find any boudoir photography workshops, so I (M) attended Vickie Taufer’s children and family workshop. I just wanted to see a huge dream that was realized in action – and that alone was worth more than I could ever have imagined. If Vickie was surprised when I told her (while we were studying light on babies!) that I wanted to shoot boudoir only, she didn’t show it. And just being around her, with all of her enthusiasm and drive, was infectious. I never could have imagingd I/we would fall so in love with boudoir photography, and that our business would see so much success, that we would soon have the opportunity to play that same role for others. Life is amazing, isn’t it?

We are so in love with our Boudoir Workshop – and we would love to have you join us in October! It’s the last workshop for 2012, so go check it out!

Enough said right?! Um…. best photo shoot opportunity ever! We shoot about 4-8 Supermodel Package shoots in our studio a month, but come on, as much as I ADORE our studio, I think this backdrop beats it, hands-down. Our shooting locations are going to be so glorious that I may have some bouts of jealousy of the gals I am shooting – simply because I will want pics of myself in all the spots I place them! 🙂 Nothing is sexier than a sandy beach, with the turquoise blue water shimmering and palm trees waving in the breeze. Oh and I should mention, one of the spots we will be shooting is in Old San Juan, it looks like those cool pics you see of vintage Cuba. Ah!!!! So freaking exciting!

We do have just ONE spot left (all the other 3 have been snatched up!)… so if you are a photographer & want to get in FRONT of the lens for a change, we would be honored with the opportunity to work with you and take your photos with our Caribbean Supermodel session! (Email: [email protected] if you want more info on this last spot).

La Jolla beach bathing suit photos

We are such Cali girls at heart. Maybe even a little bit more “hippie” than “Diva” in reality. So with that said, beach boudoir photo shoots are pretty much pure excitement and joy for us around here, and being in Cali we have the added perk that our summer lasts a bit longer than the typical summer season.  So we are gonna squeeze the summer for every drop we can get out of it! Do you want to join us by booking a killer beach shoot promo? Email us at [email protected]

paris boudoir photography workshop

“Paris, Paris, Paris”. That’s what my Mom kept saying in her sweet little voice when we were on the plane to Paris for our 2010 workshop. Now it always rings in my head whenever I start dreaming & planning our next workshops.  Have you always wanted to go to Paris? Are you a boudoir photographer? If you said “yes” to both of these, then 2013 is YOUR year! Email us at [email protected] so we can be sure to email you first as soon as we launch the workshop. (*NOTE: we already have about 40 photographers on the list who want to be notified about Paris… this workshop is gonna fill up FAST! So start looking at your calendar for mid- to late-April 2013, and start dreaming/planning – and then you’ll be able to grab a spot before it fills up!)

caribbean boudoir photos

Have you seen our past Editorial Concept Shoots that we titled, “Believe in Beauty?” If not,  please check out our pirate beach shoot and our hot air balloon dream shoot on you tube. We are now planning for our next big shoot. Watch the video below to see the latest item we checked off our list in preparation for this fun shoot. (Oh, and keep in mind that this video was taken and edited on my iphone). It seems I still have a few quirks to work out when it comes to editing on a telephone – don’t judge us, it’s just for fun. 🙂

So that’s a little bit of what we are up to right now. We sure hope that you can be a part of at least one of these fun events! And again, as always, thanks so, so, so much for stopping by. xo- M &K

Boudoir International Photographers

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Hey everyone! We are SO flippin’ excited about the Boudoir International relaunch, and we are getting some KILLER submissions from photographers around the world. We’re still getting new submissions daily, and we’re still in the process of uploading more photographers… but for now, we wanted to share just some of the photographers that we uploaded to the referral site last week! So here they are – some of the first photographers to join the all-new Boudoir International referral site:

Adoralee Boudoir {Oklahoma}
Be Boudoir {Puerto Rico}
Dawn V Gilmore Fine Art {Florida}

Diaz Digital Discoveries {Massachusetts}
Dorothee Elfring Photography {Germany}
Elementz of Fotographie {Ontario}

Flash Boudoir {Arizona}
Flirt Boudoir {Texas}
French Kiss Boudoir {New York}

Genine Gullickson Photography {New York}
Jane’s Boudoir Boutique {Oklahoma}
Jenny Taylor Boudoirs {Illinois}

Joi Photography {Saskatchewan}
KelliMae {Oregon}
Boudoir By KKP {Texas}

Lisa Marie Photography {Kansas}
Mad Banana Photography {Japan}
Mia Elle Studios {New Jersey}

Nathan Larimer Photography {California}
Oh La La Boudoir {Oklahoma}
One Fine Sexy Girl {Arizona}

Boudoir By The Photographix {Tennessee}
Picture You Boudoir {Utah}
Rue Boudoir {New York}

Sassy Susie Glamor & Boudoir {North Dakota}
Sexy Beautiful Me {Florida}
Simply Beautiful Boudoir {Pennsylvania}

Stilettos Boudoir by Alexander Devora {Texas}
Studio Andy Photography {Florida}
Studio Nouveau {Massachusetts}

UNLEASHED//Fashion+Boudoir {Illinois}
Vizion Photography {Tennessee}
Pink Label Studio {Indiana}