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Boudoir International Update….

We have some great news for you. www.BoudoirInternational.com has completely exceeded our expectations “visits” wise! Wow. Since the 1st of this year we have had 9,824 people visit Bou Int. That means that so many people are seeing you! We are still plugging away at it, doing our best to get it ranked really well on Google, but truth is the majority of the hits come from our splash page – www.theboudoirdivas.com – which does rank really well on Google. We are thrilled to see this site do its thang!

If you would like to be listed on Boudoir International we invite you to first visit this page and it’s highly recommended you watch the vid to really understand what this about. Then submit your boudoir biz on the form here! (PS – to anyone who has submitted their business recently… we will be going through ALL submissions and sending out new invitations very soon! We’ve been overwhelmed – in a good way – with so many awesome photographers wanting to be listed on the site, so it’s taking a while to get through them all. But we will be in touch very soon!!!)

Thanks to all of the fabulous photographers who are listed on Boudoir International – we are so proud to have you on this site and can’t wait to continue to see it grow. xoxo, K&M

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