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Boudoir International Update

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boudoir international

NEW PRICING for Boudoir International

Hi Guys!
Good things happening around here that we wanted to fill you in on. First off – some of you BI members who did the year-long subscription, well… your year may be up! And if so, you will be getting a personalized email from us soon. But don’t be bummed about that because we have exciting news!! Those of you that are month to month, no worries, you are good & won’t be getting an email from us, however you may want to considering going yearly, because it’s SUCH a better deal! (If you want to go yearly, just email us: info@BoudoirInternational.com)
We wanted to make sure you knew that it’s now even MORE AFFORDABLE to sign up for a full year – it’s only $150! That’s like less than getting 2 fancy coffees at Starbucks each week. :)

Also, we want YOU to be featured on the Boudoir International BLOG!!!! Once you sign up for a yearly membership, then we want to make sure we give you a little love in return, and get you hooked up with a “Featured Member” post on the blog.
The goal of the BI BLOG is to get potential boudoir clients more invested and excited about an experience, and then start looking for someone in their area to be their fit as a boudoir photographer! Hopefully that’s you!

You probably already know that we’ve been advertising on Green Wedding Shoes for the past year. But did you know that we are also starting to run campaigns with Google AdWords? We have been doing this for the past couple of months and we are definitely seeing the benefits, as our site stats continue to climb! Our goal is to get more eyes on this site, and more eyes on YOUR PROFILE!

If you haven’t already seen the updated media kit, take a few minutes to read it over!
Shoot Sarah (she is our fabulous Associate Editor for Boudoir International) an email if you have questions about anything here, she is at info@boudoirinternational.com! Also, if you want to update any of your info on your profile page or send us new images for your gallery, you can do that by just emailing them to Sarah directly as well.
Thanks again for joining us on this journey… Boudoir Photographers, UNITE! xoxo, Marissa & Kimberlee

Gearing up for a very merry Christmas!

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The Holidays have the potential to be one of our best seasons for our business, but it seems that every year they sneak up on us a bit. So this year we made it a point to plan all of our marketing early (see previous blog post)! And not only that, since we were going to launch one of our biggest sales ever, we wanted some hype to go with it. So we set up two commercials in hopes to get our potential clients excited, thinking and planning about Christmas earlier in the Fall. It’s not too late fellow Bou Photogs! What are you going to do to maximize your holiday? A sale, a marathon, mini sessions, a new set, a new product that has quicker turnaround so you can continue to shoot closer to Christmas?

Our goal with this one was to inspire ladies to make this holiday a little sexier than the norm. And those of us that have been married a long while know that romance can take some planning!

And this one…. well A) we wanted to goof off and B) we wanted to announce our sale in an excited and different way!


Thank you for your support!

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Happy Monday everyone!!! We just wanted to follow-up with you about Intuit’s Small Business Big Game Contest, and let you know that unfortunately we didn’t make it into the next round. BUT – we wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who voted for us over the past few months! We got SO much love and support from all of you, and all of your votes got us ranked SO HIGH on the list! We were in the top 100 and even in the top 50 for a while there. So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. If you didn’t have a chance to watch our Small Business Big Game Commercial, go check it out!
small business big game
And while we’re talking about videos… have you subscribed to our Boudoir Divas Youtube Channel yet?! We love posting videos of our photo shoots, our travels, our lives, and lots of silly behind-the-scenes vids from the studio. We have some really cool videos in the line-up that will be coming soon, so if you don’t want to miss any of them, make sure you go subscribe! Hope you all have a fabulous week. xoxo, K&M
boudoir youtube channel

Happy Halloween! A vintage boudoir shoot from the Boudoir Divas…

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It was a chilly fall morning when we took Peggy (our gorgeous and talented hair and make-up artist!) to the outskirts of San Diego for a just-for-fun outdoor boudoir photo shoot. Pegs was recently hitched, so we took this opportunity to snap some shots of her in her beautiful, vintage wedding day garb with our own boudoir twist! With Halloween right around the corner, we feel this shoot perfectly captures the “spirit” of the holiday. Thank you, Peggy, for getting up at the crack of down with us to play around in the wilderness. We love you. <3

boudoir-divas-outdoor-shoot-bridal-vintage-fallboudoir bridal outdoors natural beautiful wedding vintagefall-boudoir-photos-outdoor-photoshoot copyfall-boudoir-divas-outdoor-black-whitefall-vintage-boudoir-outdoor-photography

Heads up, it’s time to get MERRY….

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boudoir ads marketing christmas holiday

Okay so it’s not, but for us in the gift giving business, it is!!! It’s time to plan our your early bird specials and plant the seed for the perfect Christmas gift! We plan to launch two fun “commercials” we shot on our You Tube channel, Facebook, on all our blogs and newsletters too. We want to make sure that we take advantage of this season more than ever, pushing our “Bombshell Books®”, our Gift Cards, our early bird photo session and eventually our last minute photo sessions. Next week we are going to kick off a big early bird sale!

So since we are hard little elves at work, we thought we would give our fellow boudoir photographers a little reminder. Tis the season to get motivated! Make the most of the Christmas season and start early!! A video isn’t totally necessary, as long as you make up some cute jpegs to get people feeling that holiday fuzzy good feeling you are set. Then blast them every where 😉

Oh and PS, don’t forget to remind people about your turnaround times to light a fire under their booties to book asap, here is an example of what we put on our blog that’s geared toward potential boudoir clients….

ideas for christmas holiday marketing


Merry Christmas, I mean Happy Halloween from Marissa & Kimberlee 😉


Sometime we need a little reminder….

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magic is something you make
Dang owning a business can be hard can’t it?!

I mean…. it’s a blessing…. we are BLESSED with this amazing life, but it doesn’t mean that some weeks aren’t a little tougher than others. Or A LOT tougher than others.

BUT, we have found the antidote to most stress for the photographer. It’s called “Believe in beauty”, and it’s a reminder why we do what we do. To create art.

Get a model or a friend, and just go have fun and MAKE MAGIC!!! This is the antidote when you have too many bills to pay, when you have to do any kind of terrible admin task, when you have to stay late to clean the toilets or organize your billions of receipts. Or fix that darn techie thing that needs fixing and is beyond frustrating.

When you are overwhelmed, take a 5 hour break and go shoot something you always dreamed of shooting. And then when you get back to the mundane, whoa, it’s like you appreciate it. Because it’s those exhausting things that afford you the time to be you .

The other day, K was in town, so we had serious to-do after even more serious to-do to plow through, and when we were feeling blah we said, ” let’s get up early and let’s make some freaking magic.” And it lit our souls on fire.

As my all time favie movie “Vanilla Sky” said so wonderfully, “you can’t taste the sweet without the sour.” Meaning how sweet is the sweet part of our job once we get through the sour. Let’s make our own magic people, we are blessed with a job where that is our number one goal. So let’s make it a priority.

Boudoir Marketing Webinar | Top Tips for marketing your boudoir photography

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marketing tips for boudoir photography

We really feel that it is the marketing that we have done over the years that has really pushed our boudoir studio, The Boudoir Divas San Diego, to a level we could never have imagined! We get so many marketing and advertising questions from boudoir photographers all the time, and since there just isn’t enough time in a day to write everyone back, we made this free marketing webinar to learn what exactly it is we do to gain attention for our studio. We tried to pack it in with plenty of marketing and advertising tips for boudoir photographers…

marketing boudoir divas photography

We hope you enjoy this and that it is helpful for you!!! We would really appreciate any feedback or comments below, as this was a doozie of a project and it’s our hope it was helpful to some out there in the internets world :) Have a beautiful day!!! xoxo- Kimberlee & Marissa

A great reminder to us all

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comparison is the thief of all joy

“Comparison is the thief of joy”- Theodore Roosevelt

Like we mentioned earlier, it is “Self Awareness” month, and we think a big part of that is paying attention to what goes on in our thought process throughout the day, and unfortunately for most of us comparison is a big one. Whether it’s comparing physical appearance, smarts, wealth, personalities, activities, the list can go on and on. We don’t want to do it, and we certainly don’t mean to do it, but alas……we do. For Self Awareness month we are inviting you to try to recognize those thoughts when they pop up, take them captive, and chuck them out of your brain and stomp on the thought, realize it’s only  holding your back from joy and self acceptance. Everyday woman tell us that they want to book a photo shoot, but they want to hit the gym first so they can look as hot as all the women on our galleries, and our photo shoots are just not about that. They are about looking like you, and celebrating YOU. When you walk into our studio it’s totally affirming yourself, saying “dammit I love myself, I am grateful for the body I do have and I am going to give myself some serious positive affirmation today!!!!”



Comparing yourself to others is an act of violence against your authentic self. ~ Iyanla Vanzant

We are all made uniquely beautiful and totally DIFFERENT. We certainly don’t need to look like someone else! We wanted to take a moment to give “Dove” a serious shout out for the “Real Beauty”” campaign. They are saying different is awesome, society’s idea of beauty is jacked, and life is too short not to embrace who you are, and we TOTALLY AGREE!!!!

dove1 dove4 greyorgoregous-w3ty6m dove3
You can tell they sincerely care about their audience and the message that they are sending!! As opposed to maybe some other companies our there????

beauty and confidence

2014 Boudoir Retreats

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Oh man you guys, we cannot WAIT for our 2014 boudoir workshops – ahem – I mean, RETREATS! So much more than just a regular workshop – these are pretty much all-inclusive (except for travel & some meals)… you will be staying at a beautiful house in San Diego (or apartment in Paris) with the other Retreat attendees. Then we’re going to have tons of shooting, talking about boudoir, sharing about your businesses, and one-on-one time with Marissa & Kimberlee. We are really putting a lot of work into these Retreats and we would love to have you join us.

We are still selling spots to BOTH workshops – but hurry because the San Diego Retreat is almost FULL already! We are also getting sign-ups for Paris, which is so exciting – because we LOVE THIS CITY so much!!!



boudoir workshopboudoir workshop
If you have any questions at all about either the SD or Paris Retreats, please feel free to email us: info@TheBoudoirDivas.com