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Featured on Wedding Chicks

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Happy MONDAY everyone! We were honored to be the Featured Vendor last week on Wedding Chicks – so we just wanted to say thank you so much to the fab WC team for sharing the word about our boudoir studio. We’re honored! And to our fellow photographers out there – hope you have a wonderful week! This week we are committing to publishing a NEW BLOG POST every single day! So check back… xoxo, boudoir divas

Google Hangout with the Divas

Speaking Programs

Recently Marissa & I (K) have been chatting about how we can connect with more of you out there. We love chatting with other boudoir photographers, or NEW boudoir photographers, and we love being able to answer peoples’ questions. So we’re thinking we’re going to give this Google Hangout thing a try! If you have a question (or 10), and you’d like an opportunity to hang out with us for a half hour and just ask anything, we would love for you to join us! Details will be coming soon in our newsletter – so be sure you’re SIGNED UP to receive it.

We will probably do our first Hangout in the next couple of weeks, and if it goes well, we might even make this a regular event! If you’re excited about this and would want to join in, please leave a comment below and let us know.

Oh, and I just had to share this little gem with you – this is what happens when we get together via different states to try out something new (see bottom of screen)…

The Boudoir Divas’ Superbowl Commercial…


Yes, it is just wishful thinking, you are right ๐Ÿ˜‰ But hey, girls can dream can’t they? And with Inutit’s new amazing contest, it could be a reality. They are giving away a Superbowl commercial to a small business!! Could you even imaging what that would do for not only our studio, but boudoir photographers everywhere!!?? Ah, I get chills at the thought.

So we ask, please vote for us!

It only takes a second, and you don’t have to sign up, oh and you can vote everyday if you are an amazingly motivated person, which fingers crossed you are. And if you still aren’t sure you want to vote for us, well we made this little video to try to win you over ๐Ÿ˜‰


Boudoir Workshop Review


“Hello Ladies! My name is Kaitlyne, I took your workshop I think about 4 years ago now! Anyways I just wanted to take the time to thank you! When I walked in your studio I was so amateur I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I had just learned what boudoir photography actually was. I came in with my canon rebel shooting in full auto… yup pretty embarrassing now! But you fully accepted me and even took the time to teach me how to shoot manually ON TOP of everything else I learned that weekend. Long story short, 4 years later I run a very successful business, one of the most well known in Edmonton, Canada. We (Yup I have an amazing all female staff now) have a gorgeous studio complete with a sales area and salon. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for accepting me, teaching me, and answering my silly questions. You never once made me feel unwelcome or dumb. I have created my own brand and style and it all started with you ladies! Thank you :) All the Best, -Kaitlyne Tyner GreenTee Photography
boudoir photography workshop review
Kaitlyne, You just made our day!!!!! We absolutely LOVE teaching our boudoir workshops – and we LOVE when we hear updates from our past workshop attendees. Thank you for sharing – it seriously means so much to hear how your business is doing, and we feel so proud of you! :)

If you’re interested in joining us at a 2014 Boudoir Workshop, we’re doing things a little differently this year – we are having it be LONGER, and BETTER – with the BOUDOIR RETREAT! AND mostly all-inclusive (includes your stay at an awesome house in San Diego!) We are already booking the SD Retreat up fast… it’s halfway full right now, so that means only SIX SPOTS LEFT! If you want one of those spots, go sign up now! (And, PS, we also have awesome payment plans available to make this doable for you!)

September is Self Awareness Month

Boudoir Tips, Inspiration

September is “Self Awareness” month. So all of us here at the studio are encouraging ladies, and ourselves, to gear up for this special month by considering self awareness, which we are loving the description of that as achieving total self acceptance and long-term personal happiness.

Boudoir divas beauty confidence quote

I really enjoyed reading this article that spelled it out a little more clearly as this…
“Often, people are unable to see themselves as others see them, as their reality is different than most (self image, internally and externally). They prefer to focus only on the aspects of their being that make them feel good about themselves. Or contrarily, some prefer to focus only on the negative aspects. The dichotomy reflects an inability to be objectionable with oneself.

The habit of pushing the โ€˜bad partsโ€™ out of their conscious eases the mental stress of having to deal with those issues, as positive change requires humble effort, so they choose to not accept those negative aspects when they look at themselves in the mirror.

Conversely, some people tend to sway in the opposite direction and focus only on the negativity. They continuously find fault within themselves which becomes a barrier in acknowledging the good qualities they possess, therefore hindering long-term personal happiness.

Denials are barriers in self awareness. Individuals need to accept all the parts of their being, good and bad, to begin a happy journey in life.” – The Examiner



Boudoir Set DESIGN? We’re lovin’ Drop It Modern’s new lineup! Oh…and The Boudoir Divas $25 off discount code for YOU!

Boudoir Gear & More, Boudoir Photo Shoots, Sales & Contests

boudoir backdrop ideas

We get asked all the time, “so how do you create your sets?”

Well that’s kinda of a complicated answer actually. You see our sets are put together by all kinds of different components. We really like our sets to be three dimensional, to have layers so you feel like you were in a very cool room, or in a mysterious location. Most of the pieces are from garage sales, antique stores, flea markets and thrift stores. Another key factor is my mom, as she loves to frequent all these places and find little gems for us, then she reports back to us, sometimes even re-upholstering items for us. But as we mentioned, we use many, many ingredients, and one of those common ingredients we seem to use A LOT is a drop it MODERN backdrop. Sometimes it’s used as the fancy looking wallpaper backdrop, sometimes it becomes the hip looking floor, or sometimes it just used as a nice little pop like this shot above. Over the years our obsession with drop it MODERN has led them to ask us to pass on some killer deals to you, as they see that question get asked over and over on our social sites, “where do you get your cool boudoir sets?” So they gave us this little goodie to give to all you boudoir photogs…….a $25 off discount code! YES PLEASE!

drop it modern boudoir divas logo

So maybe it’s time for a new boudoir backdrop … yes? ‘Cause it’s all about NEW at drop it MODERN! They have so many cool new options for us photographers…..

From fresh new prints to the new simple solids, there’s seriously a backdrop for every style and genre, especially boudoir photography. Be sure to check out ‘Gatsby’ in 8 different painted glitters. Yes GLITTER!

Also back in stock are the 2 best damn backdrops in the biz; ‘Spangled’ and ‘Mermaid’! The most amazing sequins lined drops in Gold and Silver. They’re a studio MUST! See for yourself in our shots below with the Spangled Gold Backdrop.

And since everyone loves a deal, drop it MODERN has an entire section dedicated to ‘DEALS’! Some backdrops are priced as low as $30, WOW. Obviously there are plenty of backdrop companies to chose from but no one offers the amazing quality, prices, and crazy fast delivery like drop it MODERN. Their backdrops are built to last through all of our in-studio or on-location destination boudoir photos shoots, and we put them through the ringer, haha.

Visit their site at www.dropitmodern.com and use this exclusive Boudoir Divas code: DIMLOVESDIVAS for $25 off.

You can get new product updates and follow their shenanigans on your social media of choice below!

Instagram: dropitmod

boudoir divas drop it modern gatsby backdrops


boudoir divas drop it modern spangled backdrop

boudoir divas drop it modern spangled backdrop

Speaking at Fovitech Peru 2013

Speaking Programs, Workshops

I know we say this a lot, but it doesn’t change the truth: we are SO blessed to be given opportunities to travel around the world, and share about our passion for boudoir photography! Last week we were able to travel to Lima, Peru, for Fovitech 2013. We loved traveling to this country, and loved meeting some wonderful photographers! We were able to speak about “Secrets of Boudoir” at our platform program, and then a couple days later, we had 20 photographers join us for our full-day workshop! It was a really great experience, and we hope to go back again someday!
fovitech peru 2013
Of course no trip to another country would be complete without the fun van rides….
boudoir divas
marissa boucher
fovitech peru

We got the royal treatment from the organizers of the convention – including a limo pick-up from the airport! So we wanted to give a huge shout-out to Aldo & his sweet wife Chevela, for being so kind to us through the whole week. We are thankful to have met you both – thanks for your hospitality!
lima, peru

We also love trying out new foods while we’re traveling. And while I (K) wasn’t able to taste this next dish (doc’s orders, no raw seafood for a few more months) ๐Ÿ˜‰ – Marissa sure LOVED the Peruvian ceviche!
fovitech peru
fovitech peru
We also did a little cooking ourselves, in our awesome apartment (with a killer ocean view!)
fovitech peru

As you know, we LOVE speaking and teaching about boudoir photography… and this workshop was definitely a memorable one. We really enjoyed meeting these fab photographers from Peru (and a few other countries as well).
fovitech peru
Before we share more photos from the workshop, though – we have to tell this quick story about the photo below. We have traveled to 4 countries with these lights in the past, and have NEVER had an issue with them! Until last week, when Marissa plugged this bad boy into the socket, turned the light on, and BAM – that thing seriously exploded. Like, I mean, the light bulb shot out flames and then shattered glass flew across the room. And then people came running into our room to make sure that wasn’t a gun shot. Needless to say, it got our adrenaline pumping just a bit! :) And thankfully, we were able to use other lights to demo with.
fovitech peru
Rest In Peace, little light. Ok – now back to some more photos of the workshop. :)
lima peru
boudoir divas workshop
We also have to say a big thank you to our FABULOUS translator, miss Julietta Swartzmann! Julietta is so wonderful; you may recognize her (from our boudoir workshop in Madrid), and we just love how easy it is to work with her! Thanks again Julietta – can’t wait for the next adventure. :)
boudoir divas speakers
During a portion of the workshop, we were able to work with two beautiful models to demonstrate some basic boudoir posing and lighting techniques. Here are just a couple of those shots…
boudoir workshop
boudoir workshop
fovitech peru boudoir
lima peru boudoir
fovitech peru
boudoir workshop peru
spanish boudoir workshop
Thank you so much to all of you who came to our full-day boudoir workshop, taking the time and investing the money to learn all about boudoir photography!
boudoir divas workshop

2014 Boudoir Retreat in San Diego CA


Hey everyone! We were hoping to send an email out this morning with the info about our new 2014 Boudoir Retreats – but sadly, our domain is down right now because of issues with our server. :( So…. just wanted to let you know that we are still planning on officially launching today, as soon as our site is back up! PS – we ‘pre-released’ the info yesterday to a select few people who wanted to hear more about them, and TWO SPOTS have already been taken for San Diego! That means only 10 left… these are gonna go quickly!!!

If you want to get the info, be sure to sign up for our newsletter below…

We’re havin a baby!


Ahhhhhh!!!! I’m so excited to officially announce to the internet world that Eric & I (K) are expecting a new little bundle of joy! There are days where it still doesn’t seem real, and maybe it just hasn’t sunk in yet. And then there are times where it is VERY real – like listening to this little soft heartbeat – and I realize, oh my goodness, there is a LIFE inside of me!
kimberlee west I have loved being a stepmom for the past year and a half… it’s been an incredible experience. And now – I just can’t wait to expand our family by adding a new little guy or gal into the mix (in late January 2014). My hubby is secretly hoping for a boy, and my sweet stepdaughter is (not-so-secretly) hoping for a little sister. :) And I am fine with either! So far pregnancy has been a breeze – I guess I’m just one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have morning sickness or really any symptoms at all (I’m VERY thankful about that). Eric might disagree with my ‘no symptoms’ statement, however, as he’s been calling me p-brain (ok, ok, maybe I AM just a little more forgetful these days). In any case, so far so good – 3 months down, 6 to go!
And in case you wanted to know what my business partner thinks about all of this… she has been SO super supportive, and I can’t write this blog post without saying that I am just really thankful for her. The day I called her on the phone to tell her, I immediately started weeping, and she had to decipher what I was saying through sniffles and tears (ok, yes, maybe just ONE more prego symptom here). I was feeling a little excited/overwhelmed/freaked-out/overjoyed all at once, but Marissa was so sweet and so excited for us. And then the very next day, I had a package on my doorstep from her – with an encouraging note and the “What to Expect” book inside.
Thanks, Riss, for being such a great ‘auntie’ already! This little Diva or Divo is going to be spoiled with so much love! I know, I know, I’m gettin sappy – time to wrap it up.

I just wanted to end by saying thanks to all of you who have already given such huge support and love to me through my FB page &/or Instagram. It means so much to read your comments and feel all of your excitement as I begin this new journey!

And then a request for all of you moms out there who are also business owners/photographers…

a) how do ‘make it work’ with a newborn?
b) is my world going to be rocked?
c) any other advice or words of encouragement for me? Feel free to leave me a comment below!

Fovitech Peru Boudoir Speakers

Speaking Programs, Workshops

We are always honored when we’re asked to speak to groups of photographers. And when we’re invited to TRAVEL to another country to speak, we just have to pinch ourselves! We’re pinching ourselves again right now as we gear up for speaking next month at Fovitech 2013 in Lima, Peru! Ahhhhhh!!! We cannot WAIT!