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Baby #2 on the way!

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If you follow us on social media, you will have already seen the news – but I am excited to officially announce that I will be welcoming baby #2 into our family in early 2016… and it’s a…. GIRL!!! I’m already halfway to our due date, so crazy that it’s gone by so quickly. We are thrilled to be expanding our family with another girl (my stepdaughter is over the moon about having a sister). And although my son doesn’t understand what’s going on, he does give my belly lots of kisses and talk about the ‘bebe’ in there.
This news is also the reason why we needed to change/postpone our Boudoir Retreat dates for 2016! But don’t worry, we ARE still planning on a Retreat for the summer. There are only 12 spots available, so if you’d like to get in on this, be sure to sign up for the waiting list. We’ll be emailing those people first (a week early) to let them know that registration has opened, before we announce to the world. 🙂 Can’t wait for what 2016 has in store – both in my personal life, and also for the Boudoir Divas (we have a LOT going on, if you didn’t see our last blog post go watch the vid to see what we’ve been up to!) PS – is it crazy that I just found out the gender yesterday, and I already started a Pinterest board this morning?!! 😉

Paris Photo Shoots – BTS Videos

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If you couldn’t tell from this recent post, we are CRAAAAAZZZZYYYYY about Paris. We’ve been there 6 years now, and yes we are going again in 2016, if you want to join us! This year, we had the pleasure of hanging out with two beautiful ladies – who also happen to be BFFs – Jennifer & Jessica! These two gals each booked our Paris photo shoot package, and it was SO much fun to photograph them and create some fun videos & gorgeous custom albums for them! We loved the experience, and I’m pretty sure they loved it too. 🙂 We just wanted to share a little behind-the-scenes video from our Paris photo shoots, so you all could see some of the fun that ensued.

Thank you, J&J, for taking the leap and following your hearts with this experience. It was definitely one of our favorite Paris trips ever, and we loved spending some time with you playing in this amazing city! xoxo, K&M
boudoir divas paris

Boudoir International Writing Team 2015

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We are SO excited and proud to announce the 2015 Writing Team for the Boudoir International Blog!
boudoir photographers
Marissa & I sat down to talk about our ‘dream team’ of writers for 2015, and we came up with these awesome photographers and writers who we know and have had a connection with through the years. We wrote out our ideas, and sent out a quick email to let everyone know what we were thinking, and they ALL SAID YES! We are truly honored that these amazing women have partnered with us, and we’re excited to share with you what they have to say!

Go find out more about all of our writers, and then check out the BI blog to see the first-ever writer’s post!

Throwback Thursday

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So since we mentioned our past workshops, we thought it might be fun to share a little throwback to some of our very early workshops! Here are some pics from one of our VERY FIRST workshops, way back in 2008! I can’t believe we have been teaching workshops for 7 years, and that we have taught 252 photographers in those 7 years! We have been so lucky to meet each and every one of you. Our early workshops hold a special place in our hearts, because this was back in the days when the photography industry was still not totally on-board with the whole boudoir thing. Plus, we were 2 young things working and shooting out of a home & garage! We hosted the workshop in the home, and even though it was very tight quarters, we made it work. 🙂 Thanks to all of you photographers who came to one of our early workshops! 🙂
boudoir divas workshop 2008
And then we can’t talk about the early days of our workshops without mentioning our first-ever PARIS workshop! This was such a cool experience for us, and obviously we loved it so much that we continued going back for 6 more years (and yes we’ll be going back again in 2016)! We loved this experience so much, in fact, that we decided to make a [crazy/silly/goofy/over-the-top/ridiculous/embarrassing] music video to share how excited we were about being in Paris. And our workshop attendees agreed to go along with our crazy plan and film it with us, hahaha!

And here are some of our fab 2009 Paris attendees, along with some little clips from the workshop itself:

Thanks again to all of you photographers who believed in us and traveled to hang out with us and learn about BOUDOIR! xoxo, K&M

HUGE DISCOUNT for past attendees

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Have you heard the news?! We are launching an Online Boudoir Workshop (FINALLY!!!) We’ve been talking about it for years, and it is finally happening. We are so excited to launch this, you guys. We’ve been filming already for the past month, and we have a few more filming dates coming up this month. We have a LOT of content to cover, and we’ve broken it all down into 6 different lesson. You can see all about the lessons, and more details, by clicking HERE.

We’ve had a lot of fun going over all of these lessons and planning what we want to share with you. Really it comes down to, how do you share 10 years’ worth of info into 6 lessons?! Seriously, TEN years! We are so lucky to have had such an incredible journey with what is called The Boudoir Divas. We’ve been given the opportunity to take beautiful photos of thousands of women, helping them see themselves in a new way and instilling confidence in them. We’ve had the honor of sharing our passion with over 200 of you, our photographer friends, who took the time and made the investment to travel to one of our Workshops or Retreats, either in San Diego, Paris, or Las Vegas.

We are truly thankful for all of these opportunities that we have been given, and we are SO very thankful to all of you, our awesome past attendees. And as a way to say thank you, we wanted to offer a huge discount to any of you past attendees who have come to a Workshop or Retreat. The regular price of the Online Workshop will be $645, but we are giving it to you for just $195!

boudoir workshop online

If you’re a past Boudoir Divas Workshop or Retreat attendee & you want in on our Online Workshop, all you need to do is post a quick photo or note on social media (preferably on Facebook or Instagram). The photo can be anything you want, but we’d love to have you write:
1) Which Workshop or Retreat you were at
2) What you liked about it

And that’s it! Be sure to use the hashtag: #onlineboudoirworkshop and TAG US so that we see your post! (FB: TheBoudoirDivas or INSTY: @TheBoudoirDivas)

When we see your post, we’ll be in touch with a code that you can use to get access to the Online Workshop for just $195 total (normal price is $645, so HELLO that is $450 OFF!) *Can’t be combined with any other offers or discount codes. 🙂

If you’d like to see more about what we’re going to be offering in the Online Workshop, take a look at the video below.

Website Revamps

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Hey friends! If you’re visiting us today on this here ‘lil blog, then you will notice that some things are QUITE different around here! We are so excited about our the re-launch of our main website and our Boudoir International site! Take a look around, and let us know what you think. We also have to give a huge shout-out to our awesome web guy Kyle, for putting up with us and all our changes and crazy requests, and for making our vision come to life.
website tips and tricks
Also be sure to check out the updated B.I. site – it has an awesome new look & we just love the way it shows off our amazing member photographers! (If you’re interested in joining, click here!)
boudoir photographers

6 Years in Paris

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It’s hard to believe I am saying this, but yea, Kimberlee and I have come to Paris for six years now either leading workshops or doing photo shoots. And now we are here again! Excited to see what this year holds for us as we set out to shoot two wonderful studio clients in this mind blowing city. Earlier today we were reminiscing and thought we would share our Parisian escapades with you lovelies. If you were ever there with us we’d be honored if you commented! (You have to go to the actual post by clicking on the header to comment fyi). paris photography
paris boudoir workshop
boudoir workshop 2009 was our first try at this Paris thing. This was one of the bravest things we’ve ever done. We were like 26 year old little squirts (with terrible fashion sense) who wanted to lead a group of photographers in Paris, teaching them and creating community with them. We led a boudoir photography workshop for 12 ladies, who traveled to Paris from the US and a few from Europe! We were nervous, and SO relieved when everything went off without a hitch.  Oh this was also the era of K and I wearing matching things ALL the time. What the? This was also the year we decided to force our workshop attendees to create a music video with us, which you can watch here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRYRKIb_Tb4 After our workshop, we also took an epic roadtrip through northern France and Brugge.
boudoir photography workshop
boudoir divas
boudoir workshop 2010. Or as we call it, “The Year of The Volcano.” We took on a lot this year as we planned for two back-to-back photography workshops with 14 people in them each! We rented a beautiful, to die for apartment in the Trocadero Arrondissement, and we even brought our moms out to help and have fun with us. Alas, a volcano filled the skies with tons of ash, stopping all air travel for about a week, and only about half of our attendees made it out. We were beyond disappointed. BUT for those who were there, man did we have a great time. All those who missed out ended up attending a workshop in San Diego or in Paris the following year. See the video here…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLVX0Xk8vrk
boudoir photography workshop 2012!!! Two workshops back-to-back, held in Le Marais Arrondissement of Paris. We really felt ‘in our grove’ this year and really understood how to navigate this crazy city. Afterwards K and I went on a road trip all over France. Incredible times, to say the least.
boudoir photography paris
2013. We were asked to speak for GNPP in Tours, an awesome photography organization for the talented photographers here in France. We piggybacked it with a photo shoot of our friend Tenley. See the videos…. Sunny Day and Eiffel Tower.
boudoir photographers paris
Last year we created a beautiful video/photo shoot with one of our loves, Christine Penny. This woman inspires and motivates us and she booked this package with us so that we could collaborate and create a dreamy kinda ‘day in the life of a fabulous entrepreneur in Paris’ visual story. Her video is one of the pieces we are most proud of. This is the year that K’s little man (just 3 months old at the time) traveled with us as our travel buddy.
paris photographers
We are here again this year, and we couldn’t be more excited. This year we have two beautiful clients traveling here for their own photo shoots on the streets of Paris. Jennifer & Jessica are two friends who wanted to have a fun experience together, and we are honored to be able to be a part of this dream for them.
boudoir divas
While we are here prepping for our photo shoots this year, we have already been talking and dreaming about what is going to be in the plans for 2016. We love doing photo shoots and will probably book a couple more again for next year. But then we’ve also been dreaming about possibly hosting a ‘reunion workshop’ here – for any PAST attendees (who have ever come to a retreat or workshop, either in Paris, SD, Vegas, or Miami). So we’re putting this out there to all of you past attendees – would you be interested in coming for a Paris Reunion??? If so, please email us and we’ll start putting together a waiting list. xoxo, M&K

“The Marketing Vault” ebook

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It’s launched!!! 125 pages of exactly what we did to get our business to where it is today! Some things worked great, and some did not, but we tell ALL in this digital download. 24 hours left for our launch sale. Get yours now!!!!

If you know us, you know that we pour ourselves into our books, and hey, to be honest, we are gosh darn proud of this bad boy.
Mainly because it really illustrates the sweat and creativity that we have put into this studio and getting to the point it is now.  We would be ridiculously honored if you purchased it people. And we truly know it will be helpful to you.
xoxoxoxox- Marissa & Kimberlee

Next on the agenda… PARIS photo shoots and mentor sessions in April 2015 and

launching our next “Boudoir Retreat!!!”

the marketing vault

Shaking it in the Philippines

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I, Marissa, have to tell you about this non-profit called Kusewera. Here’s their wonderful mission “Our mission is to empower and educate children in impoverished countries through active and creative play. We create affordable humanitarian service trips for people of all walks of life, so that they can personally help implement the Kusewera Empowerment & Educational Program (K.E.E.P.). We organize activities such as sports, dance, music and art. This sustainable year-round program empowers the children to learn, laugh, play. We hope to empower the children to pursue goals, dream for a better future and be positive leaders in their community. We encourage and invite anyone to volunteer, and in turn, gain valuable perspective while making a long term difference in the lives of the children.”

I was invited to join this group with one of my closest friends, Tenley Molzahn. She and I met when she had a shoot with our studio in 2010. Since then she has been one of K and my most awesomest friends (in fact she’s even my neighbor and she went to Paris with us!). What a trip this was….


I meant to write this post when I returned from my trip in October, but you know…. life. It happens. So here I am now looking for a few of my fave pics to post to tell you what an INCREDIBLE trip this was. This was my first humanitarian venture where I wasn’t asked to photograph it, so to say the least, I was stoked. WAIT, don’t get me wrong, I love being able to serve with my talents, but being behind the lens always leaves me feeling a little disconnected while documenting other people playing and interacting with their new friends. So I was ready for this new take on this type of trip where I felt like I could really goof off with kiddos.

All that to say, sorry for the quality of some of these images…. I was too busy having fun and DANCING!!!








10624864_10202958595711168_1547127501781562386_n I truly fell in love with the Philippines. I felt so at home with all the friendly faces, the weather, their customs, their BEACHES (omg)! This trip was such a reset and reminder that there are billions of people that needs our help and resources and hope that I never forget that and am intentional with the way I live my life, in hopes to make a small impact. If you are looking to to do something like this, I STRONGLY recommend you look into a trip with Kusewera.

One of our “play” assignments was teaching a dance to these kiddos! We had about 30 minutes to teach them this cute little number and man did they get into it. Here’s the end result.

I still have more stories to tell, and I so, so, so plan to return and hope to teach a photography and business course to a group home of girls that I fell in love with. I’ll will be sure to fill you in when that’s a little more on the horizon with that.

Thanks for reading and be sure to shake it off, shake it off.

Can’t stop won’t stop mooovin’- Marissa