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Marissa Boucher

My name is: Marissa Boucher.
I’m married to: Weston Boucher. He is my best friend, my business partner, and my partner in a lot of fun shenanigans. He has been such a key player in the making of The Boudoir Divas and is also a co-owner of the studio. He is a musician, photographer, techie nerd, and above all a great support system.
I live in: the sleepy surf city of Encinitas, California. I am a bike ride away from the amazing Moonlight Beach and the 101 highway, a childhood dream 😉
My furry babies are: the Boston Terriers, Puddy and Elaine (after Seinfeld).
I’m passionate about: my Creator, Father, the King of Kings, Jesus and all that he cares about. Some of the big ones that I try to be actively involved with are Flood Church, World Vision/Compassion/Children of the Nations Child Sponsorship and also micro finance loans for female entrepreneurship for women in Malawi, Africa through Opportunity International.
I fell in love with boudoir because: I think that God made every woman uniquely beautiful and as women we have something instilled in us that yearns to have that beauty celebrated. I wanted to create an environment that did just that for EVERY woman.
I’ve been shooting boudoir since: 2001.
My favorite thing about my job is: Our team. We have the most talented and sweetest group of gals (& Weston) that we get to spend a lot of time with.
A fun fact about myself that most people don’t know: I started a T-shirt company when I was 17 and it was bought out when I was 18 by the Woolworth Corp. I have always known I wanted to own a business since I was a kiddo and I really wanted it to be part art, part business.
I am inspired by: my Pastor Matt Hammett, Walt Disney, Joyce Meyer, Gwen Stefani, and my Dad (a self made entrepreneur).
One of my greatest heroes is:  oh that’s easy! Walt Disney. He was an incredible business man AND artist. He left a legacy that people all over the world are still enjoying.
Some of my hobbies are: reading (especially historical fiction), laying in the sunshine, hanging with my friends n fam, working out with Weston (he’s a great trainer), hiking, staring at the ocean for hours, day dreaming that  I live in the Caribbean or France, writing in my journal,  watching surf videos, and snuggling with Weston and the dogs.
On my weekends, I love to: read, eat breakfast a Swami’s, go to church, and drink beer in the sun with friends
My favorite place to vacation is: the Caribbean!! Hands freaking down.
My all-time favorite book is: 1st: Bible 2nd: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers 3rd: Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran
I want to be remembered for: being kind, giving and a great friend, loving God and being motivated by him to pursue my dreams.

Resources For Boudoir Photographers

The Boudoir Divas Inc, is boudoir photography studio in San Diego that was founded in 2006 by Marissa Boucher and Kimberlee West. The Boudoir Divas have "brought boudoir back" and since 2007 they have traveled around the world teaching boudoir photography seminars and workshops, leading boudoir platform programs, and sharing their photo knowledge with professional photographers. With their inspiration boudoir photo posing guides, and their boudoir pictures workshop book, they are educating and inspiring photographers to become successful boudoir business owners.

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