Marissa Boucher

My name is Marissa Christina.  I am so incredibly grateful for the world in which I find myself in everyday. God has blessed me with a drive to explore his beauty and make a living from it; to continually create art and grow as an entrepreneur. Our mission has always been to speak to the hearts of women, and we have had the privilege our being a part of a confidence boosting experience for more than 3500 women!

The freedom I have in my life is in huge part because of the amazing team at The Boudoir Divas studio in San Diego. This team of women gives so much to our business, and allows me to leave the studio behind and discover the world for long periods of time. In my travels I spend time playing and writing, but I also have the privilege of telling the stories of non-profits. More than anything I look to keep my eyes open for how the Lord may want me to help in big or small ways. I am incredibly interested in child sponsorship and micro finance because I have seen it working firsthand. I live in Encinitas, CA, and I adore living the cliche ‘beach town life,’ which included but not limited to biking to my fave breakfast spot on the 101, sunset swims in the ocean, and posting instagram photos that are sure to bring envy.

While I love that my job gives me the opportunity to get ridiculously glammed-up at times, more than anything I love being a bit of hippy. This duality fits my Gemini spirit in a way that I never even really realized I needed until I had it.  I have an incredible family, friends and community. His beauty establishes the work of my hands, and I would be ungrateful not say how utterly loved I feel and how much The Boudoir Divas has been a part of that.